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Georgia Tech Football Flops in Nashville, Falls to Ole Miss 25-17

The Yellow Jackets' performance in Nashville is about to spark a lot of very unpleasant discussions.

Joe Robbins

I usually tell people that I don't get angry when Georgia Tech loses. I don't. I get sad. I hate to see my team lose.

I do, however, get angry when Georgia Tech plays like crap. I get angry when Georgia Tech loses, not because they got beat or were outmatched, but because they beat themselves and don't make things difficult for the other team.

I'm angry.

Let me start with the positive before I delve into areas I rarely share with you. I want to start with the defense.

Defense, you know what, you gave up 25 points, and I could not be more proud of your performance. You came out, you got gashed, you were given every reason to quit, and you didn't. Ole Miss came out with a good game plan and gave you every reason to be frustrated and quit, but you didn't. You blocked an extra point and a field goal, you intercepted a pass, you kept harassing Bo Wallace, and never quit. You had every reason to give up given the effort from the offense, and yet you hung in there and left it all on the field. I'm really excited about you and what next year has in store for you.

DJ White, you played the best game I've seen you play all year. They picked on you the entire game, but you weren't having any of it. You fought tooth and nail against a very good receiver who's half a foot taller than you, and gave him everything he could handle. You intercepted a pass and made your presence known. Good on you.

Robert Godhigh and Synjyn Days, you were awesome. Your blocking on the perimeter was great, you ran hard, you were the only effective pieces in the passing game, and you were the lone bright spots on offense. Fantastic game from you two.

Harrison Butker, you were phenomenal. You hit a field goal, you hit two extra points, and you kicked that ball off like there was no tomorrow. Great job but holy crap we're talking about a freshman kicker now when discussing who wasn't terrible. Isn't that telling.

Alright, enough happy.

Offense, you were pathetic. Horrible. Blocking? Not there. Option reads? Average, at best. Playcalling? Inexplicable a lot of times. Personnel? Inexplicable at times.

I don't usually call out individuals for negative reasons, but I'm angry and need to rant here for a second on a few people.

David Sims, you're a senior. You've played your position for 3 years, and the expectations for that position have not changed. You were asked to pass block, and looked like you were asked to explain quantum physics. That's inexcusable and unacceptable.

Darren Waller, you're a junior. You've played your position since high school. Your position involves catching the ball before the guy covering you can get to it. That involves extending your arms, using your hands, and catching the ball at the highest point you can get it at. It does not involve differential equations, programming in C, or physical chemistry. Stop acting like it does, and figure out how to judge a damn pass while it's in the air. You look like a lost puppy out there.

Paul Johnson, I'm going to need an explanation as to why we're running BB Speed Options on 3rd and 11 in our own territory. That's like throwing up a white flag. Are you really thinking you'll get 11 yards from a double option with no lead blockers or anything? My high school team could have kept you from getting a first down there. Also, what the hell is up with calling a reverse deep in your own territory to a guy whose touches this year I could probably count on one hand? Also, where was Justin Thomas when Vad was missing reads and throwing the ball off target the entire game? WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE HIM IN THERE?

I've been very positive and optimistic about this program for a long time. Seeing a performance like this, though, makes me wonder what I'm really supporting. You didn't just lay an egg, you laid an ostrich egg. I'm not even sure that egg was actually an egg, it may have just been a giant turd. What have you been practicing since August if this is what happens in December?

I want to believe this will get better. I do. It's really encouraging that the defense is better than it's ever been under Johnson, and it's only year 1 of Ted Roof. But when this offense is as bad as it's ever been under Johnson, it's really hard to have faith.

I don't know who to blame here. A lot of people had a really bad day. It happens. But I'm sick of getting embarrassed on national television. This team can't compete, it seems. It plays against teams that it should give tough games or losses, and it just falls on its face. What do we call that? Bad luck? Poor coaching? Unprepared team? Bad breaks?

I want this to be better. I just don't know how to get it there.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.