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Georgia Tech Trails Ole Miss at Halftime, 13-7

Have you ever seen the game "Cliffhangers" on the Price is Right, where the climber goes up the hill for a while before falling to its demise?

Georgia Tech started well, scoring on its first drive and standing up decently to Ole Miss on defense. Then the second quarter started, and it's been ugly ever since. The reads are off, the blocking is a failure, the passes are off target, the defense is struggling, there have been special teams gaffes, and the only reason the Jackets are in the game is the Rebels' ridiculous special teams mistakes.

Without major halftime adjustments, this game is over. As it stands, Tech is dead in the water, completely ineffective on offense and running out of steam on defense. To win this game, Tech needs to develop some sense of a passing threat and needs better production from the offensive line. Ole Miss is selling out to stop the option, and is succeeding because Tech can't block the option, can't pass protect, and can't connect on passes when they do get one off.

It's looking pretty glum, Tech fans. Here's to hoping the good guys can come back in the second half.