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Georgia Tech Football: FTRS Staff Music City Bowl Predictions

Happy game day, Tech fans! The staff of FTRS got together and made predictions on who will win today's game, and can be seen below.

Georgia Tech will have an honorary captain on Monday who's fighting a brain tumor.
Georgia Tech will have an honorary captain on Monday who's fighting a brain tumor.

Writer AOT BirdGT MagnaCarterLive Dwalk1217 orientalnc Joey
Prediction Gt_medium Gt_medium Gt_medium Gt_medium Gt_medium Gt_medium
Atlanta's original team

I expect to see both teams move the ball well in a back and forth, see-saw game. Turnovers should not be more numerous than one would usually expect in such a game but they could be the difference. I could see at least one drive being stopped due to a turnover and one touchdown being scored as a result of a turnover. Tech wins 24 to 17 in an entertaining game.

Georgia Tech 24, Ole Miss 17


Ole Miss is an odd one to figure out. Ole Miss is 12-3 in Bowl Games since the 1971 Peach Bowl beat down that was Bud Carson's last game at Tech. Tech is 10-11 in that same span. Ole Miss has had 10 coaches since Carson left Tech while Tech has only had 8. Tech has only had 6 1st rounders since 1971 while the Runnin' Rebs have had 12 and two were named Manning... Based on my unscientific evaluation, Ole Miss will win this one in a sloppy 10-7 defensive bore. Go Jackets.

Ole Miss 10, Georgia Tech 7


Bo Wallace is a fake M.D. from Mississippi. Jeremaiah Attaochu is a certified chiropractor [citation needed]. I like real pseudoscience over fake medicine.... actually, that makes it seem like I support holistic medicine and this is a terrible metaphor so forget I said any of that. This game is being played on a real actual football field, where real actual science and logic is proven wrong again and again. Damn your statistical comparisons!

Georgia Tech 27, Ole Miss 17


This game has been a hard one for me to predict since both teams have had very different seasons, despite their same records. In the end though, this game boils down to whether or not Vad can accurately hit his receivers. I expect Ole Miss' offense to move the ball on our defense, but I expect our experienced group to hold them in the red zone. Ole Miss will get their points, but if we can consistently move the ball on offense, this is a very manageable game. If Vad can get the ball into Smelter's hands on the outside and occasionally hit Waller down the field, I think we can pull away in the second half. Without a passing threat, however, I don't think we'll be able to move the ball. Ole Miss' defense is athletic and has seen much better(and more physical) offenses throughout the year. They've had a few weeks to prepare for us, and their second string QB, Barry Brunetti, will help them tremendously in practice against their first team defense by attempting to simulate our offense. This game will be an intense game from the beginning and it should be close throughout, but I think Vad will prove me and some of his other doubters wrong.

Georgia Tech 30, Ole Miss 27


I am picking GT in a game that's close near halftime, then a two TD margin. The goog guys 31-17.

Georgia Tech 31, Ole Miss 17

Joey Weaver

I've been saying it for a while, this is a really close matchup. Even the SBN statistical preview had no idea what to make of the match-up, calling it a virtual toss-up. I think the key factor in how this game turns out is how banged up Ole Miss's offensive line is. With those injuries and late season struggles, our defensive front will take advantage and minimize their offensive production. They still score 17, but Tech pulls it out in a close one.

Georgia Tech 21, Ole Miss 17

That's what we have to say about today's game. What are your predictions??