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POSTGAME: Georgia Tech falls to uga, 41-34 in 2OT

If you're looking for a reason to feel good about this game, turn back now.

Scott Cunningham

You know, being a sportswriter can be challenging sometimes. Sometimes, you have to write something, even though you're at a complete loss for words. Sometimes, there may not be any words whatsoever to describe what you're feeling.

Unsurprisingly, that's where I'm at right now.

We had it. We. Had it. A 20-point lead, that ended up completely squandered. It was 17-0 at the end of the first quarter, and 20-7 at halftime. Then we lost. Don't ask me to explain how.

It's this weird empty feeling that I had after last year's Virginia Tech and Miami losses. Except that it's so much deeper than it was then. Here's a team we haven't beaten since President Obama took office, and we've got them dead to rights with a backup quarterback. We're churning on all cylinders offensively, and shutting them down defensively. And then it all just stops, as if in one giant poof.

Where does one go from here? How do we improve this? Perhaps more importantly, how on Earth did we end up in this moment? How is it that georgia never lead until the second overtime, and then won? How did we let that happen?

You know that picture of Tony Romo, where he's just dropped the snap and screwed everything up on a simple field goal try? Where he's just sitting there, holding his face mask and wishing he could wake up from this awful nightmare?

I'll let you fill in the blanks on where that was headed.

I need some more time to digest, so this is all for tonight. But I do want to hear what you're feeling and thinking right now.