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Postgame: Georgia Tech Defeats Alabama A&M 66-7

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It was a romp Saturday afternoon on the Flats, as was to be expected. Fun to watch, and fun for a lot of guys who normally don't get to play.

Streeter Lecka

Georgia Tech was making a complete spectacle of Alabama A&M, leading 52-0 at halftime and holding A&M to under 50 offensive yards in the first half. (It was single-digits before two long plays just before halftime.) David Sims and Zach Laskey both went for 100 yards, and 13 guys got multiple caries.

After halftime, Paul Johnson elected to sit a lot of his starters and let a lot of his backups have their version of a "Senior Day", playing reserves on each side of the ball. It was a neat sight to see Tim Byerly as QB the entire second half, and I was glad to see a lot of walk-ons playing. The second half saw us score 14 points, and give up 7 points and about 200 yards, but it doesn't bother me when you consider that stats are petty against rewarding players for what they've done for our program. These guys spent a ton of time playing on the scout team and giving of themselves to our program, and receiving no real compensation outside of the chance to play in garbage time. I'm happy Coach Johnson gave those guys the opportunity to get in the game, and hope they enjoyed it.

The other side of our backups playing the second half is that our starters got plenty of rest before next week's fight game against our in-state rivals, and guys with nagging injuries got the chance to heal up more, having only played one tough game since November 2 against Pittsburgh.

So what did we learn today? Not much, really.

(Except that we're not Florida. ...GATA?)

Happy with how today turned out, Tech fans? Encouraged as we embark upon Hate Week?