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POSTGAME: Georgia Tech Defeats Pittsburgh, 21-10

It was a solid performance from Georgia Tech on Homecoming, and it paid off in the form of bowl eligibility.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

So I don't know if that game was quite as satisfying as some of us wanted. Tech only went for 360 yards offensively, including 84 through the air. They turned the ball over twice, and struggled for much of the game to establish and maintain offensive momentum. That said, the defense played another phenomenal game, shutting down Pitt and even causing them to have a net -5 rushing yards. That's right, over the course of the game, Pitt's rushing attack cost them 5 yards.

Someone I need to mention here is Louis Young. We trashed "Sweet Lou" last week after he had an abysmal performance, but good grief did he bounce back this week and have a hell of a game. That kid was all over Pitt's receivers tonight, and didn't once make a major mental error (that I can remember, at least).

Oh, and while we're talking about defensive players whipping ass, how could we forget Jeremiah Attaochu? Sneezy had a career game Saturday night, racking up 2 sacks (a third negated by penalty) and a whole bunch of harassment against Pitt QB Tom Savage. Jerry went absolutely nuts Saturday night, and played an enormous role in Pitt's offensive struggles.

Offensively, we opened with a great drive, finished with a great drive, and had one great drive in between. Outside of that, there was a lot of difficulty from Georgia Tech on offense. In fact, touchdown drives included, only one drive went more than 8 plays -- a bit of an abnormality for our offense. Curiously enough, we didn't see a whole lot of Zach Laskey, who had a great game last week, and we didn't see any of Justin Thomas.

Truthfully, 21 points won't beat Clemson on the road in 11 days. The offense has to get better, after it's looked pretty rough for two straight games. However, this team is showing a lot of fight and can hang with anyone -- and college football is just wild enough for that to provide an opportunity to win.

What are your thoughts and feelings about Georgia Tech's win over Pitt? How confident are you as we head to Clemson?