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Georgia Tech Football: Clemson Prevails, 55-31

Clemson has far too many better athletes for a Jacket team with three quarters of its defensive backfield starters sidelined by injury...

Streeter Lecka

This was a game to forget. Clemson played their best game of the year. We did not.

The bottom line is, we need more depth in order to compete with a team with so many 4-5 star recruits. Let's face it. Clemson is playing at a higher level right now. This game was clear evidence of the difference in talent right now.

No offense intended, but our guys did not play well in this game. The talent differential was especially evident in our secondary as we were constantly just shy of making plays. On offense, we lost the battle up front and could not establish anything inside. Vad threw the ball well, but it wasn't nearly enough.

We need more players like Robert Godhigh. Period. Our season will be remembered, ultimately, as the year we appreciated how much heart this young man has.

I am sure the FTRS staff will have more to say this weekend, but this was not a fun game to watch. There are a lot of "we need" statements here and questions about how to close the gap are certainly going to be asked. The 2011 victory seems like a long time ago. We will finish this season with another bowl game, but how many Tech fans are happy with another December game that does not inspire much enthusiasm?