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The Week that Was for Georgia Tech's Opponents: Week 11

Checking in on our opponents' performance so far this year with some advanced statistics.

Kevin C. Cox

Busy week so this will be a quick one, sorry!

Weekly F/+ Ratings

F/+ ratings are a combination of play by play metrics developed by Bill C. of Football Study Hall and by drive metrics developed by Brian Fremeau of his own awesome site. A higher F/+ ranking is better and I've done my best to color code it and label it. Here is a graph of our opponent's weekly F/+ rating. And remember the weeks are the F/+ ratings GOING IN TO that week. The jump after week 7 preseason projections were removed and new info was added, so you can't compare the overall values from before then to after then, but the relative ranks are still good.


  • Clear divide in the ACC in terms of performance. Of course, then there is FSU who is "twice as good as VT" according to F/+, I would literally have to double the axis to include them on this chart, they are ridiculous.

ACC Rankings

Finally I want to track how each ACC team is doing against other ACC teams. How can we do this? I will be taking the Points Per Drive margin from each game and putting it in context against all ACC opponents. So Georgia Tech scored 3.88 Points per Drive in non garbage time and excluding kneel downs against Duke, while allowing .88 points per drive. That gives us a net margin of 3.00 for the Duke game. That is pretty good. Here is how that performance will look against all other ACC games.


  • There is a huge divide between the quality of the Coastal division and the quality of the Atlantic division. I expect this chart to get worse as the conference finishes out the crossover games between divisions. Of course it could be that FSU is just too good and its skewing the Atlantic's averages. Here is the same chart without FSU.
  • Clemson looks a lot better in this light, but the Atlantic is still just really bad outside of Clemson and FSU, while the Coastal has 6 competitive teams.

What do you guys think? Any observations? Sorry about the light content but its a busy week at school and a short game week, feel free to leave your own analysis or observations.