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Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders at Virginia

Are we going to make it two straight weeks of success on all fronts?

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Over/Under 16.5 Points Allowed by Georgia Tech's Defense

Virginia on the season is averaging 22.3 points scored per game, which drops to 19.5 points per game over their active 4-game losing streak. Virginia's offense is far from potent - 22.3 points per game is good for 100th nationally, a staggeringly low number in the age of high-octane offenses. Meanwhile, Georgia Tech is 17th nationally in scoring defense, allowing 19.3 points per game, and if this were happening in Atlanta they could be realistically aiming at a second straight shutout. In four wins, Georgia Tech has allowed a total of 34 points - 8.5 points per game. I have a really hard time seeing Virginia make it to 17 points in this game.

Under 16.5 Points Allowed by Georgia Tech's Defense

Over/Under 1.5 INTs by Georgia Tech's Defense

In a situation similar to last week, Virginia starting QB David Watford has, on average, thrown more than one interception per game this season. Through 7 games, he has 8 interceptions and only Pittsburgh and Maryland were unable to record an interception amongst UVA opponents. Unfortunately for Virginia, Georgia Tech's defense also has 8 interceptions, and is quick to capitalize in that department when given the opportunity (although I personally would like to see more capitalization). You know though, when a team like VMI is able to intercept you twice, I have a feeling like we'll be able to reel off at least one. The second is where it becomes difficult though....

Under 1.5 INTs by Georgia Tech's Defense

Over/Under 0.5 100-Yard Rushers

Amazingly, Robert Godhigh's 100 yards against UNC remains the Yellow Jackets' only 100-yard rushing performance of the year. They have a favorable matchup this weekend against a Jon Tenuta defense that blitzes a lot and isn't used to playing the style of defense required to slow down Georgia Tech's rushing attack. I see another big day on offense in the making, and yet I don't have reason to think someone will manage a full 100 yards by themselves...

Under 0.5 100-Yard Rushers

Over/Under 1.5 Plays of at Least 35 Yards for Georgia Tech's Offense

Last week, Georgia Tech's offense had three huge plays. First was Darren Waller with a 46-yard TD reception, then there was Dennis Andrews with a 37-yard reception, before Justin Thomas ripped off a 50-yard carry in the fourth. This week, they take on a defense that has trouble stopping the run. The offense appears to have hit its rhythm in the Syracuse game, and if they can do the same this weekend, we may see similar results. So...

Over 1.5 Plays of at Least 35 Yards for Georgia Tech's Offense

Over/Under 31:00 Time of Possession for Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech enters this game leading the conference and third in the nation with an average 35:28 time of possession in its 7 games. Interestingly, Virginia enters the game second in the conference and fifth in the nation with an average 33:52 time of possession. So what happens when two major winners at "keep-away" face each other? My guess here is that whichever offense is functioning better will have its way with the time of possession battle, and my other guess is that Georgia Tech's offense will be functioning better than will Virginia's.

Over 31:00 TOP for Georgia Tech

Over/Under 10.5-Point Margin of Victory for Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech has had a weird season so far, but a lot of that can be attributed to the rigor of their schedule and the huge disparity in performance in the ACC thus far. On the other hand, Virginia has two wins, with one coming over an FCS team, and the other over a team that beat Georgia Tech by nearly 3 scores. However, they've looked pretty bad in recent weeks and haven't provided much reason for confidence to their fans. I'm expecting Georgia Tech to build momentum off of last week's win and be on a roll for Homecoming next week.

Over 10.5-Point Margin of Victory for Georgia Tech

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I think it'll be a second solid week for Georgia Tech, even if they are playing in Charlottesville. Do you?