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Football: Georgia Tech 56, Syracuse 0

It was a phenomenal game for the Yellow Jackets, who have restored some faith in the fanbase following a dominating performance against conference newcomer Syracuse.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

Alright, everybody at once now.

Breathe in....breathe out....

One more time.

Breathe in....breathe out....

That was cool. I felt uneasy picking Georgia Tech to cover a 7.5-point spread. Turns out I should have picked them to cover a 50-point spread.

Those guys came out today and showed zero regard for how good Syracuse is or even might be. They came out with the mentality that they were better, and that they knew it and weren't going to be convinced otherwise.

The entire game, Georgia Tech was intent on shoving the ball right down the throats of Syracuse, and there was nothing the Orange could do to stop it. It was beautiful. People complain about the spread option that we run being boring, but that's the kind of game that really makes you appreciate it in all of its glory. The option that we ran was nearly unstoppable, and if we're being honest, it felt fantastic to watch my team put the opponent on the ropes from the get-go and just never take its foot off the gas. Tech came out and straight-up whipped Syracuse today, and honestly, they earned that.

Let's not get crazy. Tech wasn't perfect today. I was watching the game with Sean Bedford (yes, that Sean Bedford), and he was continually commenting on how Vad Lee and Justin Thomas would run the option in a way that they stretched out the play as far as possible, making it nearly to the sidelines, before pitching the ball... It worked, but the issue is that it doesn't really work against a quicker, better-trained defense, and that they've got to do better fundamentally if they don't want to be destroyed by defenses down the road (Pittsburgh, Clemson, and uga in particular).

A lot of other things went wrong too. DeAndre Smelter threw a terrible pass in the first quarter -- I liked the creativity, but the execution was abominable. (For what it's worth, he could've had 15 yards if he'd just tucked and ran the ball.) There was the occasional tackling issue, and there was almost a huge special teams miscue following a blocked punt. In the end though, it was fantastic in general.

I'm satisfied with what I saw today. If we can do that against Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Alabama A&M, questions will be more along the lines of "can we upset Clemson or uga?" and less along the lines of "can we make a bowl game?" Hopefully you liked what you saw too.

What are your thoughts on today's game, Tech fans? Are you relieved? Are you still stressed? Are you still a bit pessimistic?