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Halftime Report: Preseason Predictions

We've reached the midway point in our season, and I want to take a look back at my preseason predictions to see how "on track" we are.

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Georgia Tech 62, Elon 6 -- Take away Elon's 6 and give them to Tech, and then add 2 more points and you had it. Close enough.

Georgia Tech 38, Duke 16 -- Holy cow, this was shockingly close...

Georgia Tech 31, UNC 24 -- This one wasn't far off either. What am I, some sort of prophet?

Georgia Tech 27, Virginia Tech 23 -- I said I thought we would beat them, and I stuck to my guns. I still think we should have beaten them if we'd played a good game. Unfortunately, this one put us in a bit of a hole.

Miami 23, Georgia Tech 20 -- Well at least I got the result right. Add the totals in scoring, and you'll have almost as much as Miami scored by itself...

Georgia Tech 27, BYU 23 -- Looking back on it, being 5-1 at this point was a bit wishful...

Impact Players

DB Jemea Thomas -- His switch to CB has done him no real favors, because teams have had an easier time keeping the ball away from him, and he's been unable to support the run just based on positioning and assignments. Even still, he leads the team with 25 solo tackles and is second to Brandon Watts with 34 overall tackles.

BB David Sims -- I was one of many who thought that this was the year when the light would really come on for David and he'd break out. Unfortunately, that hasn't really been the case. He's been good, and leads the team in rushing yards, but is shy of 60 yards per game and averages 1 TD per game. His 72 carries are second on the team, but he stands at 353 yards on the season, meaning he will most likely not reach 1,000 as I predicted.

DE Jeremiah Attaochu -- I don't really know what's gone on here. Jerry has really not been the beast that many thought he would be at DE this year. He had one sack in the UNC game and one in the Miami game, and currently sits 11th on the team in tackles. Now, he might have a bit of "Clowney" syndrome, where teams find that the best game plan against them is to go the other direction, but Attaochu still hasn't found a way to make a considerable impact, and it's starting to worry me.

QB Vad Lee -- As the trigger man, he always was going to be an "Impact Player". Lee is second on the team in rushing yards, but is passing for a completion rate of 42.7% with 7 TDs and 5 INTs. Now, it should be noted that he hasn't gotten a lot of help in the passing game from either his blockers or receivers, but Lee has been far from perfect himself. We'll see how he continues to improve through the rest of the season.

AB Robert Godhigh -- Why can't they just make all A-Backs like him?

Breakout Players

AB Dennis Andrews -- He's fifth on the team in rushing yards with 94, and averages over 10 per carry. I guess you could say he's a breakout player?

WR Travin Henry -- Henry has been hugely overshadowed by the emergence of DeAndre Smelter, and hasn't yet recorded a catch this season. Look, I can be wrong sometimes. Speaking of which...

SS Fred Holton -- This is about as wrong as wrong gets. Not only is Fred not a breakout player, he hasn't even played in a game yet. Oh, and the reason for that is he's no longer on the team. Uh, and while we're at it, I'm not sure he's even playing football anymore. So this literally went as horribly as possible short of him getting thrown in jail.


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Will Play: K Harrison Butker, OLB Paul Davis, & WR Ricky Jeune -- Butker and Davis have been pretty go-to guys in their respective roles, while Jeune hasn't seen the field yet. But hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Might Play: S John Marvin, WR Antonio Messick, DL Darius Commissiong, DB Corey Griffin -- Marvin, Messick, and Commissiong have yet to see the field, and Griffin hasn't yet made it in as a special teams player. So the whole "wrong" theme continues.

Won't Play: BB Travis Custis, AB Donovan Wilson, OL Shamire DeVine, DE Kevin Robbins Jr, DE Justin Akins, OL Chris Griffin, ATH Ty Griffin -- I had all of this right except DeVine, who will see game action in the back half of the season even though I'm not sure he has yet.


Some things have gone very much as expected, others have gone far differently. I'm not sure what we expected though -- the game of college football is pretty weird to say the least.

Think your emotions can handle another 2 months of this nonsense?