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A Syracuse fan left a voicemail for Josh Pastner, complaining about excessive “AIR BALL” chants. Pastner returned his call.

McCamish Pavilion is slowly becoming a very difficult place to play for several ACC opponents.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

As I tweeted during the game, Sunday’s Georgia Tech basketball game against Syracuse was maybe the single rowdiest crowd I can remember seeing on the Flats since Alexander Memorial Coliseum was renovated to become McCamish Pavilion. They were consistently loud and caused issues for the Orange throughout. Not the least of that noise came in the form of “AIR BALL” chants being relentlessly done every single time Syracuse’s John Gillon touched the ball down the stretch. Well, it turns out those chants really bothered several of the Orange faithful, enough that one such fan decided to call and complain about it to Georgia Tech Coach Josh Pastner.

Well, being the type of guy that he is, Pastner went out of his way to call this distraught fan back, and let’s just say the Jackets’ coach was...unperturbed.

(Link courtesy of “Voice of the Jackets” Andy Demetra.)

You heard the man, Georgia Tech fans. Keep chanting. Chant louder. Don’t dare have an ounce of shame in supporting your team and rattling opponents.