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Georgia Tech football coach Paul Johnson called in to Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner’s radio show

After fielding questions on his own radio show all fall, Johnson felt like it was time to ask one of his own.

Alcorn v Georgia Tech

For those unaware, the head coaches of Georgia Tech’s football and men’s basketball programs do radio call-in shows each Monday night during their respective seasons. (If you didn’t know that, I’d really recommend listening live or finding their podcasts — there is often a ton of insight shared.) Over the last couple of years, Paul Johnson has fielded some tough questions from fans who have called into question things such as his play-calling, his recruiting, and win-loss record, and more. (Predictably, those questions tend to dry up as losses turn into wins.)

Well, with football season over and the athletic department turning its focus to basketball season, new men’s basketball coach Josh Pastner has been doing a radio show and fielding questions of his own over the past few weeks. This Monday, the first question Pastner took came from “Paul in Vinings” who offered a bit of a loaded question on the team’s offensive X’s & O’s before eventually congratulating him on his team’s huge upset of North Carolina on Saturday:

For those familiar with the format of his own show, you have to know that it felt good for Paul Johnson to call in to someone else’s radio show with a recommendation on strategy disguised as a question.

Either way, it’s great to see the two coaches showing such respect for each other and sharing a fun moment like this. Here’s to hoping Coach Pastner calls in to ask a question of his own on one of Johnson’s future radio shows.