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Georgia Tech Basketball: Yellow Jackets Fall to Boston College in Final Minute, Eliminated from 2015 ACC Tournament

The season likely ended in the most appropriate way it possibly could have.

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

Some things never change.

Often times, that phrase refers to the long term. In this case,'s meant in a variety of ways.

Georgia Tech's season ended against Boston College in the same way it went for the last few months. It had a lead in the second half, even leading by as many as 6 with as little as 90 seconds left to play. From there, the Eagles' Olivier Hanlan hit two free throws, Georgia Tech promptly turned it over and then fouled Patrick Heckmann, who made three more free throws. In twenty seconds, a six-point lead became a one-point lead.

Then came a missed layup and another turnover for Georgia Tech, which ended in an Olivier Hanlan layup for the lead. Georgia Tech's star freshman Tadric Jackson made a layup of his own to give his team the lead back with less than 30 seconds remaining, only to be answered by another Hanlan basket. Georgia Tech took a timeout, had the ball with ten seconds left, and worked the ball to Corey Heyward for the last shot. The shot didn't fall, and the Jackets lost.


The team finishes with an astounding 0-11 mark in ACC games decided by 5 points or less or in overtime. They lead for much of the final 10 minutes of the game, but were, once again, unable to convert that into a win.

One of the most frustrating seasons in Georgia Tech history is, thankfully over. Oh, and that might not be the only thing:

That doesn't come as a surprise to many Georgia Tech fans, I'm sure, but this season's end may well have also been the end of the Brian Gregory era at Georgia Tech.

Hopefully, some things do change.