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How will Georgia Tech Basketball finish this season?

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Well in the midst of what has been a pretty disappointing football season, today marks the beginning of men's basketball season for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Just a day after the Yellow Jackets brought in three recruits in the early signing period to sign their letter of intent, including heralded four-star recruit Romello White, the Jackets begin their season.

After finishing last season 12-19 (3-15 ACC), the Jackets brought back Brian Gregory for his fifth season on the Flats, a move that was the polar opposite of what many fans wanted after last season's debacle. With only one season finished above .500 for the Jackets, Gregory has certainly been on the hot seat for a while, but with the Jackets still paying for Paul Hewitt not to coach, it has been difficult for the team to move on from him. At this point, the team will need their best season under Gregory for him to stay.

Returning from surgery at the end of last season, Marcus Georges-Hunt is the bonafide leader on this team. He is joined by five other players that figure to get the majority of the minutes on the floor: Charles Mitchell, Travis Jorgenson, Josh Heath, Nick Jacobs, James White and Adam Smith. You can check out our individual player previews below:

So what is Tech going to do this season? Well the worst-case scenario is that they don't improve at all from last season and have another three-win season in the ACC, resulting in the firing of Brian Gregory and replacing him with another coach that we won't have a ton of money to pay. Best-case, I would say, is that Adam Smith and the other transfers add a much-needed boost to the team's offense with the threat of a three-point shooter and carry this team to a .500 record in the ACC, while winning close to 20 games and maybe an NIT run. Clearly, the ceiling isn't exactly very high for the team, but they can definitely improve upon last season. Last season, it was the defense that carried them through some very close games that showed this team wasn't as bad as the record indicated, as evidenced by the Notre Dame game. They just didn't have the offense to finish. And that'll be the true test for the team this year. Do they have the offense to finish games? We'll find out starting tonight.