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Georgia Tech Basketball: Chris Bolden & Robert Carter Injury Update

Injuries are a zero-sum game, apparently.

Grant Halverson

Interesting news out of the Zelnak Center on Thursday, as Rod MacKenzie of reports a win and a loss on the injury front:

Crap. Now Tech is suddenly down to SIX scholarship players? What the heck is going on with this team? It's like we were the 2013 UF football team or something over here! Thankfully MacKenzie later reported the X-Rays were negative, but we still don't know if Bolden will be available for Saturday's game. The loss of Bolden and Golden would lead to almost no threat outside the paint except the Marcus Georges-Hunt, and knowing Tech's luck this season he'll probably fall down a manhole later today.

Hooray! That really bolsters the paint presence and should give Tech a much-needed rebounds boost. The welcome-back party for Robert couldn't have come at a better time, as UVA is a high-powered offensive team and the Jackets will need all the defensive help they can get as well. It's also somewhat comforting to have seven players available instead of worrying about ending up like the Lakers the other night.