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Meet Your Yellow Jackets: Senior C Demarco Cox

This Ole Miss transfer has a chip on his shoulder. Can he produce in a situation where he actually gets minutes?

Kevin C. Cox

Cox is an incredibly imposing guy. No one else on the team can come close to matching his raw strength. How will he translate that to results on the court?

Measurables and background:

Demarco Cox is a terrifying individual. He's listed at 6'8" and 276 lbs. and he's certainly not being shortchanged on any of that. He hails from Yazoo City, Mississippi and is a product of Yazoo City High School. He also played offensive tackle in high school, unsurprising for his size, but chose a basketball scholarship over a football one. He transferred to Tech after graduating from Ole Miss, therefore making him immediately eligible to play for Brian Gregory as a graduate transfer.

2013-14 performance:

Cox was in the mix for playing time at Ole Miss last season, playing in 33 games and averaging a meager 4.3 points and 3.9 rebounds per game. He saved his best game for one against the Jackets last November when he logged 15 points and 13 rebounds.

It was a team dominated by the polarizing Marshall Henderson as well as dynamic guard Jarvis Summers so Cox and others didn't get many touches. He only averaged 16.6 minutes a game, possibly in part because he was still recovering from a foot injury that caused him to redshirt the year before.

Hello, my name is Demarco Cox:

Role on this year's team:

Most of the things I've written about Charles Mitchell can be pasted here for Cox. He's also an excellent low post player, who uses both fluidity and brute strength to find space near the rim. He can run the floor well, which is important for a team that needs to find fastbreak opportunities to boost their poor offense. He's also a brutally bad free throw shooter who will struggle to crack 55% or so from the line this season.

Cox is also a strong defender in all aspects. He has posted good per minute block numbers despite never playing a ton of minutes in a season. A line of 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks is a reasonable expectation for his output in his senior season.

He profiles as a center primarily but could easily slide over the power forward position. I fully expect him to be the starter at the 5 for the season opener Friday and beyond. As a senior with 4 years under his belt as a member of a college basketball team, his veteran leadership will be important on a team with a number of guys new to Georgia Tech and this level of basketball.