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Meet Your Yellow Jackets: Freshman PF Abdoulaye Gueye

Abdoulaye Gueye has length and athleticism most coaches can only dream about. But can he put it all together?

Rich Barnes

Abdoulaye Gueye may have the highest ceiling of any player on this team. But with a high ceiling may come just untapped potential.

Measurables and background:

Abdoulaye Gueye measures up at 6'9" and 208 lbs. sopping wet. Gueye is originally from Dakar, Senegal but played his high school ball at Central Park Christian School in Birmingham, Al. as part of an exchange program. He also has a 7'3" wingspan, which I imagine is the largest on the team.

2013-14 performance:

Gueye posted averages of 14 points, 12 rebounds and four blocked shots per game in his senior year as a Central Park Eagle and helped the team win the 1A championship in the state of Alabama. Gueye would be named the defensive MVP of the championship as well.

Prospect video, Abdoulaye Gueye:

Role on this year's team:

Gueye didn't pick up a basketball until he was 14, which explains the energy but also rawness in his game. His length creates havoc on both ends of the court. If he gets the ball near the hoop and has a chance to dunk, defenders might as well duck for cover. He has a decent handle as well and an emerging jumper. On defense, he has great awareness for someone new to the game. He's already has a couple of monster blocks between the scrimmage and exhibition game.

However, his rawness shows through on some of the simpler aspects of the game. He's fumbled a few entry passes to the post and generally has had trouble with turnovers. To add to this, he doesn't have a wide range of post moves. Defensively, he's often overmatched, routinely biting on the first move a player will give him or simply not strong enough to stop from being backed down. AD resorts to fouling a lot when his man beat him in the post. That knowledge and strength will come with time but for now it's a noticeable liability.

You can't teach his height, wingspan or jumping ability. And there's no crew better to learn from than his veteran teammates Demarco Cox, Robert Sampson, Charles Mitchell and even former professional player and current assistant coach Mamadou N'Diaye when it comes to being an effective post up player. For the time being though, he may want to stick to facing up.

Still, I don't expect him to get much playing time behind a trio of experienced post players. Even Ben Lammers may be more ready for playing time at this juncture. In my opinion, he could really use a year of getting shots up in an empty gym as well as some quality time in the weight room. A redshirt year may even be a possibility. But down the road, don't be surprised if he's putting up big numbers.