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Georgia Tech Basketball: Jackets Catch Violation, Self-Impose Sanctions

Come and get us, coppers!

"Oh, we can't?"
"Oh, we can't?"
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Check this article out from Ken Sugiura at the AJC. Tech was recently found in violation of two minor things, which time has since been served.

A violation of "voluntary summer workouts" was caught on tape during The Process videos, as Coach Sisk spoke of consequences for being late. "Tech's self-administered a punishment included shortening a practice in August by 12 minutes."

The other issue was for Coach Brian Gregory using Gordon College players during a coaching clinic, which was deemed "evaluation of student-athlete talent". He had to undergo rules education and a letter of admonition. Sort of a silly rule, but whatever. If you haven't seen some of Gregory's coaching clinic videos, you NEED to. He's a great coach. I might have to get an article together for some of his best videos.

Pretty good that Tech chose to self punish for these things. I don't see these violations being any more of an issue.