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GT Basketball Media Availability 02/11/13

Coach Brian Gregory and Daniel Miller took time out of their day to talk to the media about free throw shooting, rebounding, and Climpsun Tahgers.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

In the lobby of the Zelnak Center, a storm clustered. Reporters flew about the room, their anxiety the wind that carried them like raindrops in an angry cloud. Coach Brian Gregory was two minutes late, and we all had no idea what to do. Eventually, he arrived and the storm subsided to an annoying gust. The interview you'll find below was conducted, and we all went home to post articles about it. Here's that article. Enjoy.

Coach Gregory discussed rebounding first and foremost. The key to the rebounding success we had against VT (49-35), he said, was staying in position on D and good ball movement on offense. The activity we've been showing came alive again, most of VT's shots were contested and we strong-armed away many rebounds. The other major point of emphasis in the conference was free-throw shooting. Tech shot 55% against Virginia Tech, and hasn't been very successful from the charity stripe this season. Miller and Gregory both said that if a player doesn't shoot at least 80% in practice, he has to run suicides until he gets it right. Gregory said that guys aren't often running in practice, so they're having trouble translating the shooting to games. Miller said this is personally because he's often tired in games and out of focus at the line, but that's the most we could get out of them regarding the poor FT shooting. If you want to listen to the full interviews, they're below.