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10/5 Basketball Scrimmage Notes

Georgia Tech basketball team had their first open scrimmage of the season two weeks ago at McCamish Pavilion. Here are the notes from the scrimmage.

Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

The Jackets held four 8 minute scrimmages. The team had two teams- "Blue" and "Gold". For the most part there was no real rhyme or reason, other than the final scrimmage. Here were the starting 5's for all four scrimmages.

Scrimmage #1- Blue: Golden, Georges-Hunt, Stephens, Miller, Jorgenson / Gold: Holsey, Solomon, Bolden, Carter Jr., Morris

Scrimmage #2- Blue: Carter Jr,. Jorgenson, Miller, Solomon, Stephens/ Gold: Sampson, Golden, Holsey, Bolden, Stacey Poole

Scrimmage #3- Blue: Golden, Heyward, Holsey, Georges-Hunt, Morris/ Gold: Stephens, Solomon, Stacey Poole, Bloden, Carter, Jr.

Scrimmage #4- Blue(Starters): Bolden, Miller, Jorgenson, Carter Jr., Georges-Hunt/ Gold (Second)- Golden, Heyward, Stephens, Holsey, Stacey Poole

Here are some of the notes from the scrimmage:

  • Starting off, the fact that the stands weren't full made you able to hear everything the coaches yet.. Pretty funny.
  • The offense is more high speed, less "set up" plays that run for the entire shot clock. We saw much longer plays last season and I think it will be more up-tempo this season.
  • Throughout the games, there was little defense- definitely shootout.
  • Starting on, Travis and Solo were playing point and defending each other
  • Very early on Quinton hit back to back shots from deep- he can shoot
  • Travis is very explosive. He gets by his defender in one more.
  • Marcus plays on a higher level than most others on the team- pretty obvious
  • Solo had a handful of bad decisions that lead to turnover.
  • Robert can shoot the 3.. Do we want him doing that though??
  • Quinton held his own in the post against Robert
  • Solomon and Corey were on the court at the same time- Solomon took point
  • Robert and Daniel are shooting FTs better
  • Stacey drives to the basket very well; still has issues with decision making
  • Trae runs the court really well-always ready for the outlet and gets easy layups
  • Bolden brings a "drive and dish" threat to the court that other players don't
  • Solomon's shot is back. He hit down numerous deep threes
  • Robert takes it to the basket much stronger than last season.
  • Trae already carries himself as a leader on the court.
  • Travis is very unselfish. Not concerned with scoring points all the time.
  • Need to get better defensive rebounding.

So what do y'all think? What concerns you about the team? What are you hopeful for? What needs to change for the team to be successful?