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Georgia Tech Baseball: Yellow Jackets Drop Game 3 to Clemson 11-7

This was just not a fun game for anyone

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Going for the sweep for the first time this year, after failing to accomplish it against Northwestern or Louisville, the Jackets sent Brant Hurter (2–2, 2.47) up against senior righty Brooks Crawford (1-4, 4.63). Neither pitcher made it past the first inning, for very different reasons. Clemson won the game 11-7 in a very ugly manner.

Clemson scored in their 1st with an error and single, leading 1-0. Tech blasted back with two homers after two walks, English with a three run shot and Radcliff solo. Hall singled and scored all the way around on Webb’s single and an error on the center fielder.

Cort Roedig replaced Hurter (with some soreness in his forearm) for the 2nd, and got into trouble in the 3rd with walks and a terrible high pop that Waddell lost in the sun and fell in for a two RBI single. Roedig got out of it helped by a batter’s interference call on a stolen base try, Tech leading 5-3.

Jacob Hennessy had replaced Crawford in the 1st and went along fine until McCann and English went back-to-back over the wall in the 3rd to restore the lead. Clemson got one in the 4 th on a single and triple to make it 7-4. Tech was through scoring for the day.

Travis Marr, a sophomore righty, came in to pitch for Clemson in Tech’s 5th, and all heck broke out and it got ugly when Marr hit McCann and English back-to-back, hurting English’s left wrist that had been hit hard in Boston. He later left the game. The umps left Marr in the game and Clemson got out of it with a foul pop and a double play. Both teams were warned instead of Marr being ejected. Sad to say, this seems to have been a pivot point in the game, so hitting the two sluggers paid off for the Tigers and Marr stayed in 4.1 innings for the eventual win. Coach Hall was clearly still hot about it post game.

In the top of the 7th, Jonathan Hughes relieved Roedig, still ahead 7-4. Clemson chipped away another run off the lead with a single and double to make it 7-5.

Amos Willingham came in to pitch the 8th and soon gave up a double and homer by Justin Hawkins to tie it at 7. Micah Carpenter came to the mound and after two outs gave up a single, walk, and three run homer to Byrd, making it 10-7 suddenly. They later added an eleventh run.

When Tech put two on in their 8th, Clemson brought in Sam Weatherly, a sophomore righty. Weatherly got Webb and Nick Wilhite to end the inning, but then apparently said something nasty and was ejected by the home plate umpire. A team that’s lost 10 out of 11 and already lost a series might not want to be so mouthy.

Keyton Gibson pitched to Clemson in the 9th. After two outs, he hit a batter, obviously accidentally and was ejected. Coach Hall was then ejected in protest for the first time in many years. In the ump’s defense, I think it’s automatic after a warning, although there clearly had been one main instigator before this, and it wasn’t Georgia Tech. Robert Winborne came in and picked off the base runner to end the inning.

Sophomore righty Holt Jones pitched the 9th, and immediately hit Waddell, getting ejected to great protest from Coach Lee. Carson Spiers came in, a junior righty and Saturday’s loser. He ended the inning, Clemson salvaging the series finale 11-7. Tech went to 30-14 (15-9) and Clemson to 27-18 (12- 12). Marr got his win and Carpenter took the loss. The two teams may meet again in the ACC tournament.

Sad to say, it looked like some dirty play paid off today. The baseball gods must have been joking around. Tech has the week off for finals and let’s really hope English’s wrist is okay.