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Georgia Tech Baseball: Previewing the WCU Series

Beesball is 8-0 and now they take on Paul Johnson's alma mater!'re alma mater is going down're alma mater is going down
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Game 1: Friday, March 4

Pitching Match-up: Brandon Gold (Georgia Tech) vs. Brendan Nail (WCU)

First Pitch: 4 p.m. EST

TV: Live video courtesy of ($)

Radio: WREK 91.1 FM

Game 2: Saturday, March 5

Pitching Match-up: Keyton Gibson (Georgia Tech) vs. Bryan Sammons (WCU)

First Pitch: 2 p.m. EST

TV: Live video courtesy of ($)

Radio: WREK 91.1 FM

Game 3: Sunday, March 6

Pitching Match-up: Jonathan Hughes (Georgia Tech) vs. TBA

First Pitch: 1 p.m. EST

TV: Live video courtesy of ($)

Radio: WREK 91.1

What you need to know

Rosters: Georgia Tech (8-0) || WCU (3-5)

Media Guide: Georgia Tech || WCU

Full Stats: Georgia Tech || WCU

Key Players to Watch for:

  • RHP/1B Brandon Gold (Georgia Tech): 1-0, 0.00 ERA, 15/3 K/BB, 13.0 IP, .462/.611/.846, one home run, 7 RBIs
  • SS Connor Justus (Georgia Tech): .469/.528/.594, four doubles, four RBIs, 3-for-3 stolen bases
  • OF Brandt Stallings (Georgia Tech): .417/.429/.917, two home runs, eight RBIs
  • RHP Jonathan Hughes (Georgia Tech): 2-0, 0.00 ERA, five Ks, three BBs
  • OF Matt Smith (WCU): .483/.571/.690, two home runs, seven RBIs
  • OF Garrett Brown (WCU): .320/.393/.680, two home runs, four RBIs, 6-for-7 stolen bases
  • C Danny Bermudez (WCU): .303/.378/.636, three home runs, five RBIs
  • LHP Bryan Sammons (WCU): 1-0, 4.26 ERA, eight Ks, four BBs, 12.2 IP

Bottom Line

Western Carolina is not nearly as bad as their 3-5 record would suggest. They've got some very dangerous bats in Smith, Brown and Bermudez.

The reason they are 3-5, though, is because of that pitching. Yeah, Sammons has been decent so far this season, but he's been by far their best starter. The bullpen has also just kind of been there. They have a couple decent one in Corey Sikes, but other than him, no one has been that impressive at all.

This should be the first big test for the Jackets' young pitching staff, but I think that with the offense they'll bring against WCU's poor pitching staff, we will see another two or three victories for the Jackets.