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Beesball Falls 5-3

The RBI (Rad Baseball Index) of today's game was quite low.

Josh Heddinger had a decent day, but Tech couldn't back him up.
Josh Heddinger had a decent day, but Tech couldn't back him up.
Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

Well, I picked an interesting first time to own season tickets, at least.

The Joltin' had fell victim to another flat day at the plate and mad some miscues early on to let VCU (3-0) get the best of them to fall to 1-2. Matt Gonzalez went 2-4 and got his second RBI of the season, while freshman Connor Justus had an RBI and a walk.  Tech left a lot of men on base for the game as well, a total of 11 to VCU's four.  It's obviously too early in the season to tell, but Tech isn't looking like they're going to provide their pitchers with much run support this year at all.

The game started out benign enough, with Tech leading 2-1 through two innings.  However, the game was really won in the third inning, when VCU scored three runs on Josh Heddinger off two doubles and an error by Mott Hyde.  Tech really couldn't get anything going after that; though they did come close in the bottom of the eight when they loaded the bases off VCU ace Matt Blanchard.  However, Connor Justus struck out looking and that was that.

Tech didn't seem to be able to get anything right tonight, They were caught stealing on almost every attempt they made and ended the game with a couple errors.  Things aren't boding well right now, but one can't draw too many conclusions from three games.  The freshman class will bombers at the plate once they get their sea legs, and the upper classmen have produced at near the same levels they did last year.  Tech is also still trying to figure out the small ball game, once they can get better bunts laid down and stop swinging for the fences at almost every at bat they should be all right.  The most telling stat, though: Danny Hall has begun the season ranked 20 of 21 times at Georgia Tech.  I severely doubt we'll see this kind of play much longer.