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Accolades Pile on for Tech Baseball

Beesball players are getting some nice stuffing for their trophy cases, and they're not participation trophies either.

Good job, guys!
Good job, guys!
Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

Georgia Tech baseball has always been a talent-ridden corner of the institute and like they do every year, the people who hand out shiny things are starting to notice. Matt Gonzales was named to the Louisville Slugger All-Freshman team, the third Tech freshman in as many seasons to be so named. Gonzales hit .291 on the year with three homers and 14 extra base hits. He will spend the summer in the prestigious Cape Cod League along with sophomore first baseman A.J. Murray.

On the other side of 60 credit hours we find Brandon Thomas and his second straight Academic All-American honor. Thomas, a management major, has an over GPA of 3.56 and earned a 4.0 last semester (this is where all the engineers put on sad faces). On the clay (or plastic in Vanderbilt's case), he hit .321 this season with 20 extra base hits. He is also a finalist for the Senior CLASS award, which recognizes charity, character, and excellence in all areas of collegiate life.

Of the 31 men on Tech's roster, 16 of them will be traveling all over the country to participate in various summer leagues. It says something about the talent of a team when over half of it is being scouted for the show. To keep up with player's adventures in summer ball, follow @GT_Baseball, or me.