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Jackets Smack Knights, 11-2

GT Baseball had another great day on the mound and at the plate.

Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

Georgia Tech baseball showed their prowess today over a mildly hapless Rutgers team from whom they have taken 14 of the last 14. They got strong performances at the plate from Sam Dove and A.J. Murray and a lockdown day on the hill by Dusty Issacs, who went through six innings with only one earned run. He gave up eight hits, but three of those came in the top of the sixth when Tech was already up 9-0. His off speed balls looked good, which pleases me because that's his bread and butter. The bullpen had a pretty good day too, giving up two hits and 1 run to go along with 1 strikeout.

The real power in this game, though, came from the batter's box. Sam Dove, Zane Evans, and Daniel Palka all had solid days at the plate, going a combined 7-10. One of Palka's hits was a three run homer that nearly went into space, and Murray joined him in the home run club later in the game with a solo shot of his own to left center. Tech managed fourteen hits off of four different Rutgers hurlers. The only one that gave Tech any trouble was middle reliever Rob Corsi, who took the mound for the bottom of the seventh. He used a nasty sinker to keep the Joltin' Jackets off base, but couldn't last for more than an inning. Tech subsequently went right back scoring in the bottom of the eighth off of a Grant Wruble sac fly that capped off an 11-run afternoon.

The defense executed well, too. They only committed one small error on the day when Mott Hyde bobbled a grounder, though it certainly wasn't enough to matter. Overall, the Jackets showed us what they're capable of given the right pitching on an extremely cold, snowy day.

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