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Georgia Tech Baseball

This section contains any and all information, opinions, and articles about Georgia Tech baseball.

Scions E68: Existential Snark

We tried to keep it short and failed.

Scions E67: Walk-off Scramble

Two walkoffs on the diamond and big news for your wallets.

Scions E66: “This is a Mess”

We rambled a lot during our return from sabbatical.

Scions E58: Playing the Field

NCAA championships are soon in a variety of sports, and we have thoughts.

Scions E057: Brooms Out

Lots of sports things happened. I’m too tired to write a lede. Let’s discuss.

Scions E55: Rubber, Meet Road

The thick of the spring sports season is upon us

Scions E51: Wide World of Sports

Lots of non-rev + construction talk.

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Christmas Break

Talking baseball this week. Woo!

Scions E048: ‘Tis the Season

Stealing bits and handing out gifts today.

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Atlanta Challenge Preview

Opening Day is HERE!

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Realistic-Case Scenarios

What might actually happen this season?

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Worst-Case Scenarios

Let’s take the gold blinders off and use our therapy words.

Georgia Tech Baseball: Best Case Scenarios


Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 ACC Pretenders

We talked about who’s hot yesterday — now let’s talk about who’s not.

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Schedule Preview - April and May

Here’s the home-stretch, ladies and gents. Will Tech get hot at the right time?

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Schedule Preview - February and March

Let’s talk about the first half of the 2020 schedule, shall we?

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Preview - Pitchers

Who will fill the shoes of Connor Thomas, Xzavion Curry, and Amos Willingham in 2020?

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Previews - Catchers

How do you replace Kyle McCann?

This stream has:

FTRS Presents: Road to Opening Day 2020

Join us for two weeks of clickbait and hot takes analysis and breakdowns as we prepare for the 2019 Georgia Tech baseball season!

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2019 Season in Review

Yes, the ending hurt — but time heals all wounds.

Technical Tidbits 7/24: Basketball Sacrifices Itself to Kentucky

At least we’ll probably make some money.

Technical Tidbits 6/21: Recognition Comes for Multiple Teams

Some sad news as well.

Technical Tidbits 6/17: Summer Slowdown Begins at Georgia Tech

Not too much news today, this will probably become a pattern over the next couple of months.

Technical Tidbits 6/14: Baseball Continues to Rake in Honors

Football adds staff members and a recruit.

Technical Tidbits 6/11: Two Yellow Jackets named to 2019 College All-Americans team by Baseball America

McCann and English named as All-Americans, Colts send special thank you gift to Collins

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2019 Draft Recap

Featuring three picks in the first five rounds and seven total

Technical Tidbits 6/4: After Long, Exhausting Day, Jackets’ Season Comes To A Disappointing End

A comeback victory over Coastal Carolina, a rain delay against Auburn, by Sunday evening, the Jackets’ season would come to an end with a bitter 4-1 loss.

Georgia Tech Baseball: Yellow Jackets Rally, Beat Coastal Carolina 10-8

A late rally keeps the Yellow Jackets alive

Georgia Tech Baseball: Yellow Jackets Fall to Auburn in Walk-Off

It was not a fun day for Beesball

Technical Tidbits 5/31: Baseball begins NCAA Tournament

Let’s hope the Jackets get started with a win.

Technical Tidbits 5/30: Jackets’ Football Coaches Raking It In, Sort Of

Salaries of Coach Geoff Collins’ 10 assistant coaches revealed through open-records request.

Technical Tidbits 5/28: Jackets’ Baseball Team Still On The Swarm

Yellow Jackets’ baseball teams lands #3 seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament.