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Georgia Tech Baseball

This section contains any and all information, opinions, and articles about Georgia Tech baseball.

Scions E161: Reset and Reload

Stickball gets deeper into ACC play, Ireland comes calling (again), and Swim starts its championship phase.

Scions E160: Marathon

Recorded during the first half of what ended up being 12 innings of baseball.

Scions E159: Lights Out

Basketball season wanes, the stickball teams head into rivalry series, and tennis faces off with half of the state of North Carolina.

Scions E157: Trend Lines

A discussion on basketball trends, baseball opens with high drama, softball takes on the ACC/B1G challenge, and Tech posts an impressive performance at ACC S&D champs

Scions E139: Autumn Moving and Shaking

Baseball and softball are deep into their fall slates, tennis picks up a couple trophies, volleyball continues to roll, and football — well...

Scions E121: The Awards Show

The 21-22 athletic year ends for Georgia Tech, and we hand out some awards to recap it.

Scions E119: Sunrise, Sunset

As the sun sets on one championship, another begins.

Scions E117: Finish the Fight

Softball moves on to the NCAA tournament for the first time in a decade, baseball’s season begins to wane, and golf hangs tough in its regional matchup.

Scions E116: Moving Forward

A new guest! Plus a bunch of championship updates

Scions E115: Talking Ball

Softball heads into the postseason, baseball turns? the? corner?, and golf wraps up the ACC Championship.

Scions E113: Conference Competition

We’re back after a week off with much to think about as the sun gets low on the spring sports season.

Scions E109: Making Progress

Softball faces a national power, baseball opens ACC play, WBB heads to Palo Alto, and the NCAA swim and dive championships approach.

Scions E108: Wax On, Wax Off

Basketball season begins to wane, while stickball heats up

Scions E106: Stickball Survey

Previewing Georgia Tech baseball and softball for 2022

Scions E100: The Clip Show

The podcast turns 100, so we look back at TTMs.

Scions E76: Diamond Dunking

We talked for way too long, so this is part one of a two parter.

Scions E70: Grand Opening, Grand Closing

Track ends the NCAA year for the Jackets, but there was other news too.

Scions E68: Existential Snark

We tried to keep it short and failed.

Scions E67: Walk-off Scramble

Two walkoffs on the diamond and big news for your wallets.

Scions E66: “This is a Mess”

We rambled a lot during our return from sabbatical.

Scions E58: Playing the Field

NCAA championships are soon in a variety of sports, and we have thoughts.

Scions E057: Brooms Out

Lots of sports things happened. I’m too tired to write a lede. Let’s discuss.

Scions E55: Rubber, Meet Road

The thick of the spring sports season is upon us

Scions E51: Wide World of Sports

Lots of non-rev + construction talk.

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Christmas Break

Talking baseball this week. Woo!

Scions E048: ‘Tis the Season

Stealing bits and handing out gifts today.

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Atlanta Challenge Preview

Opening Day is HERE!

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Realistic-Case Scenarios

What might actually happen this season?

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Worst-Case Scenarios

Let’s take the gold blinders off and use our therapy words.

Georgia Tech Baseball: Best Case Scenarios


Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 ACC Pretenders

We talked about who’s hot yesterday — now let’s talk about who’s not.

Georgia Tech Baseball: 2020 Schedule Preview - April and May

Here’s the home-stretch, ladies and gents. Will Tech get hot at the right time?