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Georgia Tech Athletics

For when we write about multiple sports

Scions E194: Winter is Coming (Football vs uga, Volleyball NCAAs, MBB/WBB)

The postseason awaits for football and volleyball, while MBB stumbles and WBB splits results in its trip to Cancun.

Scions E193: End of the Line (Football vs Syracuse, Volleyball vs Miami/Syracuse, MBB/WBB)

Football is bowl-bound for the first time since 2018, while one game remains between volleyball and yet another NCAA tournament appearance.

Scions E189: Volatility, Thy Name is Buzz (Football vs UNC, Volleyball @ BC/Syracuse, MTEN @ Vandy)

Mack Brown finds a way to lose to Georgia Tech yet again — and also a bunch of other stuff happened this weekend.

Scions E188: Same as It Ever Was (Football vs Boston College, Volleyball vs Duke/UNC, Swim/Dive, Women’s Tennis) never changes.

Scions E185: Worrisome Week (Football vs Bowling Green, Volleyball vs VT/Wake)

Football dug itself a massive hole, and volleyball is still undefeated in ACC play — but looked a little shaky on the road in Winston-Salem. Let’s talk about it.

Scions E178: Time in the Gym

A fervent listener advocates for a new sport on Tech’s campus and we talk about conference realignment again.

Scions E176: Summer Roost

Eubanks vs Martin cometh tonight, President Cabrera discusses athletics as an international front door to GT, and the gang discusses the life and times of a college athlete with someone living said life and times.

Scions E175: 0-1 versus the State of Georgia

Talking about college basketball with Clayton Trutor, author of Loserville and, coming in November, Boston Ball

Scions E170: Realigning Finances (ft. Tony Altimore)

Talking about higher ed, athletics, and golf.

Scions E167: MBB coaching staff updates, volleyball incomings, stickball NCAA prognoses 

Plus: updates from golf, WTEN, and track/field

Scions E164: Setting Up for a Grandstand Finish

Postseason hopes for a bunch of teams are coming down to the wire, and football wraps up spring practice.

Scions E162: Major League

Scions hits a notable sporting milestone and celebrates by....leading off with baseball. How appropriate.

Scions E161: Reset and Reload

Stickball gets deeper into ACC play, Ireland comes calling (again), and Swim starts its championship phase.

Scions E160: Marathon

Recorded during the first half of what ended up being 12 innings of baseball.

Scions E159: Lights Out

Basketball season wanes, the stickball teams head into rivalry series, and tennis faces off with half of the state of North Carolina.

Scions E157: Trend Lines

A discussion on basketball trends, baseball opens with high drama, softball takes on the ACC/B1G challenge, and Tech posts an impressive performance at ACC S&D champs

Scions E155: Batter Up

Softball kicks off! ACC Swim Championships cometh! a thing, and MTEN loses another heartbreaker. Lots of action!

Scions E153: Do it Live

The gang talks basketball and tennis of both stripes and then narrowly avoids committing a TV rights violation while previewing the ACC football schedule as it’s announced.

Scions E152: Game of Tones

Toni Morgan wins Rookie of the Week and both tennis teams get rolling.

Scions E151: Hitting a Skid

Basketball is still in a spiral, tennis boots up for the spring, and track features a familiar name (well... kind of).

Scions E144: Silly Season

Georgia Tech’s football coaching search has gotten weird. We talk about it and preview GTVB’s NCAA tournament competition!

Scions E143: Second Half Struggles

Volleyball enters its final week, MBB and WBB play tough games, and in a weird spot.

Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball: Season Overview

The chase for 3 straight NCAA Tournament appearances

Scions E142: Crosstown Crawl

MBB and WBB start their seasons as football and volleyball approach their respective denouements

Scions E141: MBB Preview Hour

Previewing the MBB season on the same night they open it. Classic.

Scions E139: Autumn Moving and Shaking

Baseball and softball are deep into their fall slates, tennis picks up a couple trophies, volleyball continues to roll, and football — well...

Scions E138: Busy Bye Week

Football might have been on pause this week, but the wheels at the Edge kept churning.

Engineering a Program: Part 5 - Money

Some A LOT of thoughts on Tech’s financial situation and conclusions for this stage of the series.

Engineering a Program: Part 4 - Strategies and Approaches

Tech has attempted to adjust for its situation in a few ways. Let’s discuss how they’ve fared in those endeavors.

Georgia Tech Officially Hires J Batt as its New Athletic Director

Batt is well known for his fundraising experience

Engineering a Program: Part 3 - Institute Culture

We’ve talked about external factors affecting Tech’s situation — now, let’s focus on internal ones.

Engineering a Program: Part 2 - Georgia Tech in the Modern Era

Let’s talk about Tech’s immediate cultural surroundings in modern Atlanta.