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Georgia Tech Athletics

For when we write about multiple sports

Scions E162: Major League

Scions hits a notable sporting milestone and celebrates by....leading off with baseball. How appropriate.

Scions E161: Reset and Reload

Stickball gets deeper into ACC play, Ireland comes calling (again), and Swim starts its championship phase.

Scions E160: Marathon

Recorded during the first half of what ended up being 12 innings of baseball.

Scions E159: Lights Out

Basketball season wanes, the stickball teams head into rivalry series, and tennis faces off with half of the state of North Carolina.

Scions E157: Trend Lines

A discussion on basketball trends, baseball opens with high drama, softball takes on the ACC/B1G challenge, and Tech posts an impressive performance at ACC S&D champs

Scions E155: Batter Up

Softball kicks off! ACC Swim Championships cometh! a thing, and MTEN loses another heartbreaker. Lots of action!

Scions E153: Do it Live

The gang talks basketball and tennis of both stripes and then narrowly avoids committing a TV rights violation while previewing the ACC football schedule as it’s announced.

Scions E152: Game of Tones

Toni Morgan wins Rookie of the Week and both tennis teams get rolling.

Scions E151: Hitting a Skid

Basketball is still in a spiral, tennis boots up for the spring, and track features a familiar name (well... kind of).

Scions E144: Silly Season

Georgia Tech’s football coaching search has gotten weird. We talk about it and preview GTVB’s NCAA tournament competition!

Scions E143: Second Half Struggles

Volleyball enters its final week, MBB and WBB play tough games, and in a weird spot.

Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball: Season Overview

The chase for 3 straight NCAA Tournament appearances

Scions E142: Crosstown Crawl

MBB and WBB start their seasons as football and volleyball approach their respective denouements

Scions E141: MBB Preview Hour

Previewing the MBB season on the same night they open it. Classic.

Scions E139: Autumn Moving and Shaking

Baseball and softball are deep into their fall slates, tennis picks up a couple trophies, volleyball continues to roll, and football — well...

Scions E138: Busy Bye Week

Football might have been on pause this week, but the wheels at the Edge kept churning.

Engineering a Program: Part 5 - Money

Some A LOT of thoughts on Tech’s financial situation and conclusions for this stage of the series.

Engineering a Program: Part 4 - Strategies and Approaches

Tech has attempted to adjust for its situation in a few ways. Let’s discuss how they’ve fared in those endeavors.

Georgia Tech Officially Hires J Batt as its New Athletic Director

Batt is well known for his fundraising experience

Engineering a Program: Part 3 - Institute Culture

We’ve talked about external factors affecting Tech’s situation — now, let’s focus on internal ones.

Engineering a Program: Part 2 - Georgia Tech in the Modern Era

Let’s talk about Tech’s immediate cultural surroundings in modern Atlanta.

Engineering a Program: Part 1 - History and Sociology

Let’s start with a midcentury recap, shall we?

This stream has:

Engineering a Program: How We Got Here

Familiarizing and Adapting (outsiders) to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech (athletics)

Scions E136: Helluva Week

Ken returns to discuss last week’s athletic department shakeup and we talk about an up and down week for volleyball.

Georgia Tech AD Todd Stansbury Has Been Fired

It looks like Collins isn’t the only one.

Scions Extra: Pre-ACC Talk with Coach Collier

A quick chat with head volleyball coach Michelle Collier before her team begins its ACC slate this weekend.

Georgia Tech Football: Ole Miss - Advanced Stats Review - Offense

Not good.

Scions E133: Frosty Officiating

Football Saturday featured a final Scott Frost Day, and Tech volleyball faces B1G competition at home.

Scions E132: Ennui Enterprise

Volleyball remains a top 5 team and football plays a top 5 team.

Scions E131: The Binion Football Preview

FTRS football editor and proprietor of the Bindex, Robert Binion, joins us to talk allllllll about the football season.

Scions E130: Short-Course Sprint

An ironic title for previewing cross-country, eh?

Scions E128: Campus Center Concerto

Before the Campus Center officially opens this month, we revisit the history of its predecessor.