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This group is for articles specific to FTRS, such as community pick 'ems and other blog- and community-centric articles.

Duff’d It! Rankings and Other Accolades: We are the butt of the storm


The Upper North Perspective: Where Does Tech Go from Here?

The Perspective provides a mid-season review and preview (PREDICTIONS) of the schedule to come.

The Upper North Perspective: Keep Ya Head Up

Oooo child, things are gonna get easier. Ooooo child, things are gonna get brighter.

Duff’d It! Rankings and Other Accolades: Fight forever, Clemson and Louisville


The Upper North Perspective: Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim

Or, you know, just simply play better...

Duff’d It! Rankings and Other Accolades: THE CHAOS HAS BEGUN


Saturday College Football Open Thread & Week 4 TV Schedule

Just because Georgia Tech isn’t playing doesn’t mean we’re not watching college football today.

The Upper North Perspective: So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance...

In a Thursday night #WhiteOut at Bobby Dodd, these Jackets do have a chance against #5 Clemson.

The Upper North Perspective: Four Key Points

How should Tech fans feel about the offense, defense, fellow fans, and Vanderbilt?

The Upper North Perspective: Concerns and Optimism

The Perspective takes a look at what created concern and optimism in the win over Boston College.

The Upper North Perspective: The 2016 Prediction Edition

With the season starting this week, The Perspective dives into Georgia Tech’s schedule and provides some CFB predictions for 2016.


Headed to Ireland to watch Georgia Tech take on Boston College? Got plans for watching at 7:30am somewhere? Come tell us about it.

The Upper North Perspective: The 1-8 Special

The 1 through 8 talent quote gets a closer look to evaluate the athletes on the 2016 football squad.

The Upper North Perspective: Division Superiority

Does the top heavy Atlantic or depth-filled Coastal reign supreme?

The Upper North Perspective: The Fall Camp Focus

The Perspective identifies what to watch as Fall camp begins today.

The Upper North Perspective: Roof’s Defense Set to Catch Fire

Ted Roof’s 2016 defenset will berovide Georgia Tech’wsts bebest defense in recent memoryrecent memory.

The Upper North Perspective: The ACC/ESPN Network is (Finally) Here

Did the slow and steady pace of the ACC and John Swofford pay off?

The Upper North Perspective: A Ranking of Positional Strength

There is talent and question marks in each position group, so which group is the strongest going into fall?

The Upper North Perspective: The Legacy of Justin Thomas

Is it possible for JT5 to win national awards and pass important people on the all time list in his pivotal senior season?

The Upper North Perspective: Peering Into the Coastal

A closer look at the Coastal division can provide clarity in how Georgia Tech’s opponents view the rest of the conference.

Remembering Pat Summitt

A legend was taken from us too soon. RIP, Pat.

Welcome to the 100 Days to Kickoff!

It's that time again!

Join From the Rumble Seat's 2016 Bracket Contest!

Georgia Tech may have narrowly missed the field for the NCAA Tournament, but that doesn't mean we won't be watching and competing over it.

Questioning Your Fandom

How close have you gotten to jumping ship?

FTRS Over/Unders Season Results

Many of you stuck with the Over/Unders all through the season -- it's now time to see who was the best.

FTRS ACC Championship Game Tailgate Pics

A few members of our community got together to tailgate before the ACC Championship game in Charlotte, and there are pictures to prove it!

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CPJ Delivers a Promo on Defeating Florida State


Featured Fanshot

The Technique - To Hell With georgia 2014

Once again, the Technique has outdone itself with this year's "To Hell with georgia" special edition. Front to back, the paper is filled with classic stories written by real-life members of the uga student body. Take a look!

It's On Us: A Quick PSA

For those wondering about the changed logo you're seeing, here's the background behind that.

The End of The Line

It's been a fun four years here at FTRS, but my time has come to an end.

A Quick Message to the FTRS Community

It's been a rough week. Let's have a talk.

The Georgia Tech Marching Band

We take a moment to recognize and appreciate everything the good ol' GT Marching Band does for us.