Hang in there folks ...


I have a good feeling about this year! Go Jackets!



Best one of these for Georgia Tech wins.

"Fill Bobby Dodd Stadium" Campaign Appears on Social Media


As the title suggests, a campaign to "Fill Bobby Dodd Stadium" for the Georgia Tech spring game this Saturday has popped up on social media over the last couple of days. What's interesting is that the campaign appears to be totally organic -- there has been no official acknowledgement or endorsement of it from any official GT Athletics social media account. You in, Jacket fans?

GTAA Facebook Post Hints at Slight Uniform Change...


Let's see here...

1. This was just posted by Georgia Tech Athletics' Facebook page.

2. Saturday's Homecoming game against Florida State is set to take place in WHITE OUT conditions.

I don't like connecting dots and conspiracy theories, but on this occasion I feel comfortable breaking out the tin foil hat: looks like the white helmets are BACK. (At least for this weekend's game.)

Georgia Tech-Duke Stats Tell Different Story than Final Score


If you saw these stats without the teams identified, chances are you'd guess that the team on the left was the winner. Unfortunately, a pair of special teams blunders and bad moments on offense dictated otherwise when it came to the final score.

Georgia Tech Leads NCAA in Remaining SOS


#14 Georgia Tech's schedule includes matchups against #5 uga, #10 Notre Dame, #16 Florida State, #18 Clemson, and #25 Miami. The Yellow Jackets have their work cut out for them.

Kendall Fuller loves Georgia Tech


Kendall Fuller says he loves playing at Georgia Tech. Maybe we can fix that this year.

Dwags have lots of sidewalk fans, GT not so much.


Rival-Colored Jerseys will Make You Vomit


Ever care to think of what Georgia Tech would look like with georgia colors? We haven't either, and we're sorry to present you with it now.

You can check out more on this post over at /r/cfb.