New Song - "A Yellow Jacket Fan"


Chip Clark has written and recorded a song about multi-generational Yellow Jacket fandom. While the style may not be for everyone of us, I definitely connect with the themes of always being in your seats, always wearing gold, and learning about life through Georgia Tech football. It gets a "Go Jackets" from me!

Georgia Tech's game vs. Boston College in Ireland might be in jeopardy


We're less than 3 months away from kickoff, and the game still isn't being sanctioned by the Irish American Football Association (IAFA) -- a requirement for the game to take place. This appears to primarily be a ploy to recoup some outstanding legal fees from the group putting the game on, but the game appears to be in danger regardless of motivation.

#GTGoldout Starting to Gain Ground


#GTGoldout recently made its way into the Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine, with the article "Get Your Gold Out" appearing on Page 9 of the most current issue, Vol. 92, No. 2. A good article that highlights the importance of wearing gold at our football games, "Get Your Gold Out" hopes to raise awareness and start a grassroots movement to encourage other Yellow Jacket fans to show up wearing gold every game except for the whiteout game. Whether it be by social media or word of mouth, we fans should play our part in this movement as well, informing as many as possible in the short time before football season starts to persuade our fellow fans to participate in this movement.

Jackets Among Schools to Reach out to MSU Transfer Malik Newman


Highly sought after Mississippi State transfer Malik Newman has a list of over a dozen suitors, including Josh Pastner and the Yellow Jackets. Newman, a former top 10 recruit is leaving Starkville after just one season. In April, he entered his name into the draft sweepstakes, but because of the new rules, was able to pull his name out last week. Shortly thereafter, he announced he was transferring. He averaged just over 11 points per game last season and already has visits planned to Kansas and NC State. Be sure to stay tuned for updates.

Georgia Tech-Boston College Kicks Off CFB Opening Weekend on ESPN2


With the game scheduled to kick off at 7am ET, the Yellow Jackets' game in Dublin, Ireland will be featured on ESPN2, as College Gameday will run beginning at 9am ET.

Awesome LED Graduation Cap at Georgia Tech


Again not that we need to prove that Tech students are not only smart as hell but creative and crazy.

Georgia Tech Football 2016 Hype Video


I know its early, but who doesn't love CFB?

GT Football v. Mercer pot-stirring begins


About 4 min. into this Southern Pigskin interview with Mercer QB John Russ, interviewer Robbie Ross gets Russ talking about playing Georgia Tech this Fall. Ross suggest Mercer fans may outnumber Tech fans in Atlanta. Russ knows this is not even remotely possible and pumps the breaks on Ross. But consider yourselves challenged, Jackets. Show up and wear gold!

Introducing: Georgia Tech School of Music


Yes, Georgia Tech has organized its music-related activities under one umbrella. The School of Music offers a Certificate in Fine Arts, a Minor in Music, The Bachelor of Science in Music Technology. This comes after over 125 years of Georgia Tech possessing no music students, despite supporting numerous strong musical groups. This move coincides with the oldest "College of Architecture" in the Deep South being renamed the "College of Design" as it broadens its scope and more deeply incorporates the arts into its historically strong technology-based Arch/Design programs. Reportedly, this has all been 20+ years in the making.

Former WR Summers will play for Georgia Southern in 2016


You'll remember that Summers quit the team a few weeks before the end of the 2015 season, although it was never particularly clear why. He has one year of eligibility remaining, which he'll use in his home town of Statesboro. Best of luck to Summers in his final year! We'll see him on the Flats in mid-October.