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Mailbag 12/14

What kind of offense will Buster Faulkner be running?

Coaching Candidates Roundtable

What does the FTRS staff think about the coaching candidates who have been talked about?

A Retrospective Roundtable About Geoff Collins

The official word dropped yesterday, so let’s talk about Geoff Collins.

Mailbag 7/6

Should Georgia Tech consider the B1G?

FTRS (Hypothetical) Head Coach Mock Draft

In which we offer our free consulting services, just in case a school like Georgia Tech needs a coach anytime soon

Mailbag 5/25

Death Grudge Cage Chain Match, Saban v Jimbo, who ‘ya got?

FTRS Mock Draft 2022

Do we know what’s gonna happen? No, but neither do you!

Mailbag 12/8

What non CFP bowl are you most looking forward to?

Mailbag 11/17

What’s the best dish to bring to my family’s Thanksgiving potluck?

Bye Week Finale: FTRS Pokemon Tournament feat. Trainer Power Rankings

In which the staffers battle it out for Pokemon supremacy