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Mailbag 12/8

What non CFP bowl are you most looking forward to?

Mailbag 11/17

What’s the best dish to bring to my family’s Thanksgiving potluck?

Bye Week Finale: FTRS Pokemon Tournament feat. Trainer Power Rankings

In which the staffers battle it out for Pokemon supremacy

Mailbag 9/22

Who are the biggest Tech villains of all time?

Mailbag 9/8

you didn’t want 1200+ words on kicking, but sit down and shut up.

Georgia Tech Football: Observations from 8/7 Open Practice

As fall camp gets underway, the lineup begins to take shape

Mailbag 7/28

Surprise, surprise, we’re talking about college football realignment!

Football: Jalen Camp selected by Jacksonville in sixth round of NFL Draft

Camp is the first Tech alum taken in the 2021 draft

FTRS Mock Draft 2021

Happy draft day everyone!

Georgia Tech Basketball: ACC CHAMPIONS