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FTRS (Hypothetical) Head Coach Mock Draft

In which we offer our free consulting services, just in case a school like Georgia Tech needs a coach anytime soon

FTRS Mock Draft 2022

Do we know what’s gonna happen? No, but neither do you!

Georgia Tech Recruiting: Auburn Transfer S Ahmari Harvey Commits to Georgia Tech

Jackets add talent to a defensive backfield depleted by off-season departures

Georgia Tech Football: Transfer OL Pierce Quick Commits!

Jackets add talent to a position of dire need

Bye Week Finale: FTRS Pokemon Tournament feat. Trainer Power Rankings

In which the staffers battle it out for Pokemon supremacy

FTRS Mock Draft 2021

Happy draft day everyone!

FTRS Mock Draft 2020

It’s draft day, so let’s try to predict what’s going to happen!

FTRS March Madness, Part 1: Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Presenting the start of a Smash Ultimate tournament and an appropriately-themed exhibition match

Georgia Tech Recruiting: 3-star LB Khatavian Franks Commits

The Creekside LB will join his teammate on the Flats

Georgia Tech Recruiting: DL Jared Ivey and Emmanuel Johnson Commit!

Collins continues to add to the pass rushing arsenal