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Graduated from The Institute in 2013 with a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering, working now in the great state of Texas. #1 disciple of Paul Johnson. I also claim allegiance to Louisville (it's a family thing). Fraternity man, sports fan, and connoisseur of craft beers.

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AUDIO: Basketball Conference Podcast Previews Georgia Tech's 2017 Season with Sean Bedford

Georgia Tech’s Switch to Adidas Another Sign the Times are Changing

Tuesday’s announcement isn’t just an exciting one-off change — it’s indicative of an encouraging, continued large-scale trend.

It’s Time for a Change

From the bottom of my heart — thank you all for a wonderful five years.

Opinion Week: “State of Athletics” Address Proves Stansbury Was a Perfect Hire

The first six months of his administration is awfully confidence-inspiring for what Todd Stansbury can bring to the athletic department in the coming years.

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VIDEO: Georgia Tech DE Signee Cortez Alston Talks with MarkRogersTV

Technical Tidbits 5/3: Cole is Commitment #4, Mills is GRAVEDIGGER

Too obvious of a nickname for the Jackets’ bellcow running back?

2017 Spring Game Open Thread: How to Watch, Game Time, Rosters, More!

It’s time for Friday Night on the Flats!

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WATCH: Joey Previews Georgia Tech's Spring Game

Football: Redshirt Freshman DE Jordan Woods will Transfer

What should have been a celebratory day for the Yellow Jackets has started off with some bad news.

Georgia Tech & Russell Athletic: The Contract, When it Ends, & What’s Next

The answers to your questions regarding Georgia Tech’s athletic apparel sponsorship are all here.