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Graduated from The Institute in 2013 with a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering, working now in the great state of Texas. #1 disciple of Paul Johnson. I also claim allegiance to Louisville (it's a family thing). Fraternity man, sports fan, and connoisseur of craft beers.

Despite a Lack of Involvement, the 2021 “Coaching Carousel” is Teaching Us Something About Georgia Tech

There’s a lot to be learned by watching the actions of other athletic programs.

Explaining the Inexplicable

There’s a not-great phenomenon we’re seeing on the Yellow Jackets’ defense.

5 Things on Geoff Collins’ 2021 Second-Half To-Do List

Georgia Tech may not win many more games this year, but there’s still some clear ways that they can show us improvement.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Development of this program is taking a long time, and some of it may be related to ongoing development within this coaching staff.

Proof of Concept for Geoff Collins

Saturday’s win was bigger than just one game.

Deciding What to Believe

With what we’ve seen so far this season, I’m getting less sure of what to think.

It’s Time to Lose Small

It doesn’t always have to be about the final score when looking for positive signs of development.

We’re In the Endgame Now

It’s pretty clear where this is headed, at this point.

Georgia Tech’s Transition to Adidas is More Than Just a Change in Uniforms

For Yellow Jackets everywhere, today is about more than just the uniforms on the field and the merchandise in stores.

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AUDIO: Joey on Georgia Tech's SECOND Inexplicable Loss of 2017