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An intrepid FTRS reporter, knows mechanical engineering and angles. Oh, and I Got Out.

Scions E142: Crosstown Crawl

MBB and WBB start their seasons as football and volleyball approach their respective denouements

Yellow Jacket Roundup: A Sizable Women’s Sports Weekend

Volleyball, basketball, and cross country all see notable action.

Scions E141: MBB Preview Hour

Previewing the MBB season on the same night they open it. Classic.

Georgia Tech Basketball: Season Predictions

On opening night, we break down our expectations for this season.

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Fridays Full of Fun?

In which we plot some swimming scores while also talking cross country and tennis.

Scions E140: Scheme Adjustment

Previewing WBB cover to cover, with some football and volleyball sprinkled in.

Historic Team Spotlight 2022: Conference Proximity (and also Florida State)

In which we take a look at geography, rather than history.

Engineering a Program: The Main Bits

Now that 30k words are out there, let’s do some summarizing

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Brief Bits of Baseball

Unlike softball, they have box scores.

Scions E139: Autumn Moving and Shaking

Baseball and softball are deep into their fall slates, tennis picks up a couple trophies, volleyball continues to roll, and football — well...