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An intrepid FTRS reporter, knows mechanical engineering and angles. Oh, and I Got Out.

Historic Team Spotlight: Pittsburgh

Bobby Grier to serve as the game’s honorary captain.

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Late, But On Purpose

Golf news, hot(ish) off the presses!

Mailbag 9/28

What aspects from Collins’ tenure should the next coach keep around?

A Retrospective Roundtable About Geoff Collins

The official word dropped yesterday, so let’s talk about Geoff Collins.

Scions E135: Pyroanalysis

Volleyball? On fire in ACC play. Football? Just on fire.

Mailbag 9/21

Would you be willing to take a flyer on Scott Frost? (The answer is no.)

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Late Edition

Get it? Because it’s late? Yeah, I know it is a bad joke. Alas...

Scions E134: Closing Time

Every new beginning comes / from some other beginning’s end / yeah

Historic Team Spotlight: Ole Miss

Conference rivals, we were not.

Mailbag 9/14

What is your favorite upset that has happened in your lifetime?