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Burdell’s Building Bracket: Round of 32, Day Two

Rest in pieces, Cinderella dreams of the whistle, which fell by one vote.

Burdell’s Building Bracket: Round of 32, Day One

Not as chalky as I expected here as North and Center campus come back for round two.

Burdell’s Building Bracket: First Round, Day Two

The rest of the West and East Campus buildings square off on the right side of the bracket in day two of the first round.

Burdell’s Building Bracket: First Round, Day One

It’s Center Campus and North Campus here on the true opening day of competition for the best building in Midtown.

Burdell’s Building Bracket: The First Four

No March Madness bracket would be complete without those random four play-in games.

Burdell’s Building Bracket: Selection Sunday

Taking history, petty housing and college rivalries, and location into account for a Tech-ified big building dance.

Rearview Mirror: Bobby Dodd and the Raiders of the Lost Orange Bowl

Guess what movie I watched half of last night...

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Has a Rough Week

Looking like a WNIT bid for the ladies.

Rearview Mirror: New Institute Order

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Pumped Up

Softball is on an eight (!) game win streak and that isn’t even the biggest news of the week.

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