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An intrepid FTRS reporter, knows mechanical engineering and angles. Oh, and I Got Out.

Mailbag 1/19

Who’s your outlandish ACC Champion prediction for next year?

Yellow Jacket Review: Return of the Racket Jackets

Tennis is back in action after a winter hiatus

Mailbag 1/12

When is that Super League happening?

Scions E101: The One After? Before? One-Hundred

Tech news waits for no one, unless there’s a 100th episode to put out.

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Class Reunion

Yeah, that’s right, today’s headline came from the track news! This is an all-encompassing column, thank you.

Scions E100: The Clip Show

The podcast turns 100, so we look back at TTMs.

Mailbag 1/5

What does the future of college football look like?

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Late Layups

Really, that’s everything that has happened in the last two weeks.

Mailbag 12/22

What is your regular order at the Varsity?

Yellow Jacket Roundup: Early Edition

Just letting you know now, it was a very light week.