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An intrepid FTRS reporter, knows mechanical engineering and angles. Oh, and I Got Out.

Scions E183: Messy Weekend

A busy busy busy weekend of Georgia Tech (and Atlanta!) sports.

Georgia Tech Volleyball: Clean, Old Fashioned Hate Preview

A potential record crowd for the most anticipated COFH volleyball game in recent memory.

Scions E181: Football vs. Louisville predictions, Volleyball is almost top 10!

Plus: Cross Country and some surprising Georgia Tech facts

Scions E180: The Key Era Awaits (2023 Football Preview feat. Joey Weaver)

Joey Weaver joins to preview football’s personnel

2023 Georgia Tech Volleyball Preview

Expectations remain high for Michelle Collier’s 10th season at the helm

Scions E179: GT Volleyball’s Quest for Four Straight NCAA Tourneys (feat. Michelle Collier & Paola Pimentel)

Previewing the 2023 Volleyball season and our thoughts on Hyundai Field

Scions E178: Time in the Gym

A fervent listener advocates for a new sport on Tech’s campus and we talk about conference realignment again.

Scions E177: The Dawn of the Last Month

One month left until the start of yet another Georgia Tech sports season!

Scions E176: Summer Roost

Eubanks vs Martin cometh tonight, President Cabrera discusses athletics as an international front door to GT, and the gang discusses the life and times of a college athlete with someone living said life and times.

Scions E175: 0-1 versus the State of Georgia

Talking about college basketball with Clayton Trutor, author of Loserville and, coming in November, Boston Ball