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I'm an avid sports fan, particularly of football. I'm a Georgia Tech graduate and love to follow the Yellow Jackets. Growing up in Georgia, I was always a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, so I am always following them closely as well.

Technical Tidbits 9/1: GT football is back!

Kick-off tonight at 7:30

Technical Tidbits 8/19: Mostly basketball news

And some football news as well

Technical Tidbits 7/29: Football is right around the corner

Gearing up for the approaching football season

Technical Tidbits 6/30: Football recruiting news

Tech on the rise

Technical Tidbits 6/3: Lots of Tech football news

And some golf news as well.

Technical Tidbits 5/20: Basketball recruiting news

And more...

Technical Tidbits 5/5: HoF inductees announced

Congratulations to this year’s inductees.

Technical Tidbits 4/21: Highlight footage from White and Gold game

And other football news

Technical Tidbits 4/7: Honoring a Tech legend

Tech to retire Mark Teixeira’s jersey number

Technical Tidbits 3/18: Stoudamire named head coach

Tech Pro Day, tennis and baseball news as well