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Mailbag 12/1

With Clemson’s down year, is the ACC suddenly wide open?

2021, The Brick Wall

In which I blow off some steam and try to make some sense of the season.

Patenaude, Popovich, and Burton Have Been Dismissed

Its shaping up to be an interesting off-season for the Jackets!

Mailbag 11/24

How are you celebrating Festivus this year?

Fansville Field Trips 2021: On, Wisconsin!

U-rah-rah! Wis-con-sin!

Mailbag 11/17

What’s the best dish to bring to my family’s Thanksgiving potluck?

Tuesday Thoughts 11/16: BATTLE

In which we talk aggies, explosive plays, and I lose my mind

Mailbag 11/10

What Premier League coach would you pick to coach Georgia Tech’s football team?

Tuesday Thoughts 11/8: Closing the Gap

In which we talk trees, Vermont, and luck

Mailbag 11/3

What is the ceiling for Men’s Basketball this season?