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Carter is the Director of Compliance at From the Rumble Seat. He just showed up one day and started writing articles, and no one's had the heart to ask him to stop. He formerly wrote the Duff'd It! Rankings from 2013-17, delivered the FTRS weekend selections as instructed by the Illuminati from 2015-2020, and remains on the Duff'd It! council as President Emeritus. He holds a bachelors degree from, and remains neighbors with, Georgia Tech. Carter was named Director of Compliance at FTRS in 2021. Please direct all compliance related issues to him and they will be handled in a timely and appropriate manner.

Mailbag 10/5

Should the successes of Jared Ivey and Jahmyr Gibbs at other schools give us hope that Tech can recruit at a high level?

A Retrospective Roundtable About Geoff Collins

The official word dropped yesterday, so let’s talk about Geoff Collins.

Mailbag 9/21

Would you be willing to take a flyer on Scott Frost? (The answer is no.)

Mailbag 9/14

What is your favorite upset that has happened in your lifetime?

Mailbag 9/7

How are you feeling about Tech’s win total after Week 1?

Mailbag 8/31

Who will have more yards of offense this weekend: Jahmyr Gibbs or Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech Season Predictions: Three Standard Deviations Above and Below the Mean

We’re gonna tell you the best and worst things that could happen!

Mailbag 8/24

What is the benefit of playing at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Mailbag 8/17

House of the Dragon. You in, or is Westeros so 15 minutes ago?

Georgia Tech Football: Opponent Previews — uga

Do we have to?