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Carter is the Director of Compliance at From the Rumble Seat. He just showed up one day and started writing articles, and no one's had the heart to ask him to stop. He formerly wrote the Duff'd It! Rankings from 2013-17, delivered the FTRS weekend selections as instructed by the Illuminati from 2015-2020, and remains on the Duff'd It! council as President Emeritus. He holds a bachelors degree from, and remains neighbors with, Georgia Tech. Carter was named Director of Compliance at FTRS in 2021. Please direct all compliance related issues to him and they will be handled in a timely and appropriate manner.

Engineering a Program: The Main Bits

Now that 30k words are out there, let’s do some summarizing

Engineering a Program: Part 5 - Money

Some A LOT of thoughts on Tech’s financial situation and conclusions for this stage of the series.

Coaching Candidates Roundtable

What does the FTRS staff think about the coaching candidates who have been talked about?

Engineering a Program: Part 4 - Strategies and Approaches

Tech has attempted to adjust for its situation in a few ways. Let’s discuss how they’ve fared in those endeavors.

Engineering a Program: Part 3 - Institute Culture

We’ve talked about external factors affecting Tech’s situation — now, let’s focus on internal ones.

Mailbag 10/12

Is there any shot Matt Rhule is Georgia Tech’s next head coach?

Engineering a Program: Part 2 - Georgia Tech in the Modern Era

Let’s talk about Tech’s immediate cultural surroundings in modern Atlanta.

Engineering a Program: Part 1 - History and Sociology

Let’s start with a midcentury recap, shall we?

Mailbag 10/5

Should the successes of Jared Ivey and Jahmyr Gibbs at other schools give us hope that Tech can recruit at a high level?

A Retrospective Roundtable About Geoff Collins

The official word dropped yesterday, so let’s talk about Geoff Collins.