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Carter is the Director of Compliance at From the Rumble Seat. He just showed up one day and started writing articles, and no one's had the heart to ask him to stop. He formerly wrote the Duff'd It! Rankings from 2013-17 and remains on the Duff'd It! council as President Emeritus. He continues to deliver the FTRS weekend selections, as instructed by the Illuminati. He holds a bachelors degree - and now lives across the street - from Georgia Tech. Carter was named Director of Compliance at FTRS in 2021. Please direct all compliance related issues to him and they will be handled in a timely and appropriate manner.

Mailbag 6/15

Should the Fridge be honored at Grant Field?

FTRS (Hypothetical) Head Coach Mock Draft

In which we offer our free consulting services, just in case a school like Georgia Tech needs a coach anytime soon

Mailbag 6/8

Is Danny Hall our Mark Richt?

Opinion Week 2022: Georgia Tech football’s schedule might be the worst in program history

Geoff Collins has his work cut out for him this fall

This stream has:

FTRS Presents: 100 Days to Kickoff 2022

Get excited.... if you can!

Mailbag 6/1

Who is your favorite team outside of Georgia Tech?

Mailbag 5/25

Death Grudge Cage Chain Match, Saban v Jimbo, who ‘ya got?

Mailbag 5/18

What does Taisun Phommachanh bring to the team?

Mailbag 5/4

What was your favorite Star Wars Halloween costume growing up?

Mailbag 4/27

What’s your favorite GT Draft Story?