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Mailbag 6/1

What’s your favorite Western?

Mailbag 6/1 Questions

Ask away!

Mailbag 5/25

With the recent permanent "rivals" added to Georgia Tech of Louisville and Wake Forest, which is the more likely to develop into an actual rivalry?

This stream has:

FTRS Presents: 100 Days to Kickoff 2023

Georgia Tech Football: Welcome to 100 Days to Kickoff 2023

Can you believe it?

Mailbag 5/25 Questions

Ask away!

Mailbag 5/18

Let’s talk about the Magnificent 7, shall we?

Scions E168: The “Magnificent” Seven + Baseball makes the ACC Tournament (feat. FTRS EIC, Ben Tankersley)

Where will Georgia Tech land when the future ACC dustup settles?

Mailbag 5/18 Questions

Ask away!

Mailbag 5/11

What games can Georgia Tech steal this year under new HC Brent Key?