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Scions E197: Campus Plan, MBB vs Penn St, WBB COFH

Basketball emerges from its finals cocoon and the gang breaks down the latest comprehensive campus plan comprehensively.

Scions E196: Football Staff Updates, MBB/WBB, Volleyball Season Review

Changes abound in the football program and volleyball faces its toughest test in program history, all while basketball season barrels forward with reckless and volatile abandon.

Scions E195: ACCidentally in Birmingham (Football Bowl, MBB vs Duke/MSST, Volleyball vs Florida/Nebraska)

Football works through Schrödinger’s football bowl assignment, while MBB and volleyball have WILD weeks.

Scions E194: Winter is Coming (Football vs uga, Volleyball NCAAs, MBB/WBB)

The postseason awaits for football and volleyball, while MBB stumbles and WBB splits results in its trip to Cancun.

Scions E193: End of the Line (Football vs Syracuse, Volleyball vs Miami/Syracuse, MBB/WBB)

Football is bowl-bound for the first time since 2018, while one game remains between volleyball and yet another NCAA tournament appearance.

Scions E191: 2023 Women’s and Men’s Basketball Preview

Transition is the word for both teams

Scions E190: Football vs UVA, Volleyball vs Louisville/ND (feat. Joey Weaver)

One of the best feeling episdes on record in awhile

Scions E189: Volatility, Thy Name is Buzz (Football vs UNC, Volleyball @ BC/Syracuse, MTEN @ Vandy)

Mack Brown finds a way to lose to Georgia Tech yet again — and also a bunch of other stuff happened this weekend.

Scions E188: Same as It Ever Was (Football vs Boston College, Volleyball vs Duke/UNC, Swim/Dive, Women’s Tennis) never changes.

Scions E186: The Miracle in Miami Gardens

We still can’t believe Cristobal did what he did. Plus, lots on volleyball’s curious weekend at Pitt and Virginia