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Georgia Tech Football: UVA Advanced Stats Review - Offense

Let’s dig into the numbers and pick out why how Tech struggled vs UVA.

Scions E138: Busy Bye Week

Football might have been on pause this week, but the wheels at the Edge kept churning.

Engineering a Program: Part 5 - Money

Some A LOT of thoughts on Tech’s financial situation and conclusions for this stage of the series.

Engineering a Program: Part 4 - Strategies and Approaches

Tech has attempted to adjust for its situation in a few ways. Let’s discuss how they’ve fared in those endeavors.

Engineering a Program: Part 3 - Institute Culture

We’ve talked about external factors affecting Tech’s situation — now, let’s focus on internal ones.

Engineering a Program: Part 2 - Georgia Tech in the Modern Era

Let’s talk about Tech’s immediate cultural surroundings in modern Atlanta.

Engineering a Program: Part 1 - History and Sociology

Let’s start with a midcentury recap, shall we?

This stream has:

Engineering a Program: How We Got Here

Familiarizing and Adapting (outsiders) to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech (athletics)

Georgia Tech Football: Duke Advanced Stats Review - Offense

Another win, now with a better offensive performance.

Scions E137: Redacted Refereeing

Talking hurts for all of us after this weekend, so naturally we spent an hour talking through football and volleyball.