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Georgia Tech Football: Ole Miss - Advanced Stats Review - Offense

Not good.

Scions E134: Closing Time

Every new beginning comes / from some other beginning’s end / yeah

Georgia Tech Football: WCU Advanced Stats Review - Offense

We’re gonna dissect this game and put it back together via box score. Join me, won’t you?

Scions E133: Frosty Officiating

Football Saturday featured a final Scott Frost Day, and Tech volleyball faces B1G competition at home.

Scions E132: Ennui Enterprise

Volleyball remains a top 5 team and football plays a top 5 team.

Scions E131: The Binion Football Preview

FTRS football editor and proprietor of the Bindex, Robert Binion, joins us to talk allllllll about the football season.

Scions E130: Short-Course Sprint

An ironic title for previewing cross-country, eh?

Scions E129: THE Volleyball Preview

A three-set sweep to get you right for the start of Volleyball season — featuring head coach Michelle Collier!

Scions E128: Campus Center Concerto

Before the Campus Center officially opens this month, we revisit the history of its predecessor.

Scions E127: Back to Duality

A two-man booth returns with one of our hosts on vacation.