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Scions E170: Realigning Finances (ft. Tony Altimore)

Talking about higher ed, athletics, and golf.

Scions E169: New volleyball recruits w/Michelle Collier + Tennis at NCAA Championships

Georgia Tech Volleyball’s Michelle Collier details the incoming freshman class

Scions E167: MBB coaching staff updates, volleyball incomings, stickball NCAA prognoses 

Plus: updates from golf, WTEN, and track/field

Scions E164: Setting Up for a Grandstand Finish

Postseason hopes for a bunch of teams are coming down to the wire, and football wraps up spring practice.

Scions E162: Major League

Scions hits a notable sporting milestone and celebrates by....leading off with baseball. How appropriate.

Scions E161: Reset and Reload

Stickball gets deeper into ACC play, Ireland comes calling (again), and Swim starts its championship phase.

Scions E160: Marathon

Recorded during the first half of what ended up being 12 innings of baseball.

Scions E159: Lights Out

Basketball season wanes, the stickball teams head into rivalry series, and tennis faces off with half of the state of North Carolina.

Mailbag 2/23

What are your thoughts on the rule change proposals in college football?

Scions E157: Trend Lines

A discussion on basketball trends, baseball opens with high drama, softball takes on the ACC/B1G challenge, and Tech posts an impressive performance at ACC S&D champs