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GT Class of 2022. Technique sports section alumni

Mailbag 6/29

What’s your favorite dad joke?

Scions E123: Learning Session

College versus pro sports, a rivalry as old as time

Cubaj Returns to Atlanta with NY Liberty

Lorela Cubaj makes playing return to Atlanta for first time since graduating

Mailbag 6/22

What is your most memorable story of getting a minor injury?

Scions E122: Concocting a Connector Cap

A short update on campus construction projects leads into a longer discussion on some large scale athletic department projects.

Mailbag 6/15

Should the Fridge be honored at Grant Field?

Scions E121: The Awards Show

The 21-22 athletic year ends for Georgia Tech, and we hand out some awards to recap it.

Scions E120: Penultimate Postseason Protagonists

Baseball works through the Knoxville Regional as the athletic year wanes.

Scions E119: Sunrise, Sunset

As the sun sets on one championship, another begins.

Mailbag 5/25

Death Grudge Cage Chain Match, Saban v Jimbo, who ‘ya got?