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GT Class of 2022. Technique sports section alumni

Georgia Tech WBB win second straight, first over a ranked opponent, beat NC State 68-62

"That ain’t small potatoes, that’s big potatoes."

Mailbag 2/1

What are your initial thoughts on Georgia Tech’s schedule?

Scions E153: Do it Live

The gang talks basketball and tennis of both stripes and then narrowly avoids committing a TV rights violation while previewing the ACC football schedule as it’s announced.

Your January 2024 reading location: McCauley Aquatic Center

We’re not kidding, reading at a swim meet is the best

Mailbag 1/25

Who ya got in the Super Bowl?

Scions E152: Game of Tones

Toni Morgan wins Rookie of the Week and both tennis teams get rolling.

It’s real, GTWBB finally won an ACC game

69-57 win breaks six-game losing streak, out of last in ACC

Mailbag 1/18

Are you team dog or team cat?

Scions E151: Hitting a Skid

Basketball is still in a spiral, tennis boots up for the spring, and track features a familiar name (well... kind of).

Georgia Tech WBB fights at the end, loses sixth ACC game

The search for the first ACC win continues