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GT Class of 2022. Technique sports section alumni

Scions E170: Realigning Finances (ft. Tony Altimore)

Talking about higher ed, athletics, and golf.

Video: Sia crashes FTRS interview with Carson Garrett

Carson receives one of Sia’s end of seasoncash prizes

Carson on Survivor: Finale

Plus, an interview with Carson himself!

99 days out, where does my GT fandom sit?

Featuring a Ted Lasso quote and newfound hope

Scions E169: New volleyball recruits w/Michelle Collier + Tennis at NCAA Championships

Georgia Tech Volleyball’s Michelle Collier details the incoming freshman class

Carson on Survivor: Episode 12 Recap

Did Carson decide to part ways with his closest ally?

Men’s Golf qualifies for NCAA Championships

Christo Lamprecht & Co. dominate in Salem, SC NCAA Regional

Scions E168: The “Magnificent” Seven + Baseball makes the ACC Tournament (feat. FTRS EIC, Ben Tankersley)

Where will Georgia Tech land when the future ACC dustup settles?

Carson on Survivor: Episode 11 Recap

Carson gets saved at Tribal Council

Mailbag 5/11

What games can Georgia Tech steal this year under new HC Brent Key?