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Born and raised in Atlanta. Bleed red by nature, not by choice. THWg.

Mailbag 12/1

With Clemson’s down year, is the ACC suddenly wide open?

Monday Morning Report Card - COFH

This one wasn’t close… ever.

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate: Georgia Tech Outmatched in Final Game of 2021

Georgia dominated from start to finish. Tech loses by 45 and finishes the season with three wins for the third straight year.

Mailbag 11/17

What’s the best dish to bring to my family’s Thanksgiving potluck?

Monday Morning Report Card - Boston College

Gibbs is really good, but no lead is safe with this defense.

Mailbag 11/10

What Premier League coach would you pick to coach Georgia Tech’s football team?

Georgia Tech Men Lose Season Opener 72-69

Turnovers and inconsistent shooting plagued the Jackets Tuesday night. Pain.

Monday Morning Report Card - Miami

The second "semester" is off to a rough start after three straight losses.

Georgia Tech Falls to Miami 33-30

The Hurricanes deal Tech its fifth loss by less than ten points in a wild South Florida affair.

Mailbag 11/3

What is the ceiling for Men’s Basketball this season?