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Born and raised in Atlanta. Bleed red by nature, not by choice. THWg.

Georgia Tech Football: In Orlando, Jackets Fall 27-10

Georgia Tech was its own worst enemy in Saturday’s sloppy performance.

Mailbag 9/21

Would you be willing to take a flyer on Scott Frost? (The answer is no.)


In times of peril, how will Georgia Tech respond?

Georgia Tech Football: Pain

Yellow Jackets lose all three phases, show little progress, and get beat 42-0 on national television.

The Carousel Continues

Fire up the carnival rides. An active offseason doesn’t appear to be slowing down...

Georgia Tech Football: Jackets Win 35-17 Despite Sluggish Start

Takeaways and a dominant run game secure Tech’s first win of the season.

Mailbag 9/7

How are you feeling about Tech’s win total after Week 1?

Wednesday Etymology: Catamount

A brief history on Georgia Tech’s next opponent and its elusive mascot.

Georgia Tech Football: Jackets Lose 41-10 in Season Opener

Flashes of improvement were overshadowed by special teams errors, avoidable penalties, and an inability to manage the clock.

That Time of Year

Tailgates, vicious rivalries, Kirk Herbstreit on a Saturday morning... It’s all here.