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Logan is a GT graduate from 2013 in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating he had done nothing with his life. He likes Tacos

FTRS Picks Championship Week

With Trophies on the Line

Mailbag 11/24 - Thanksgiving Edition

Glass half full - came back from down 19 against Utah - or glass half empty - Tech was trailing 19 to Utah?

FTRS Picks Week 13: Rivalry Week

Let the hate flow through you

FTRS Picks Week 12: I want off Mr. Buzz’s Wild Ride

I am not enjoying myself right now

FTRS Picks Week 11: Who has the ball?

Its never who you think

FTRS Picks Week 10: Battles of Techs and Titans

Big games for ranked teams and important games for the Tech faithful

FTRS Picks Week 9: Happy Halloween

Lets get our mascot on.

FTRS Picks Week 8: Changing the Landscape

College football has some new teams at the top

Coaching Candidates Roundtable

What does the FTRS staff think about the coaching candidates who have been talked about?

Mailbag 10/12

Is there any shot Matt Rhule is Georgia Tech’s next head coach?