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Logan is a GT graduate from 2013 in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating he had done nothing with his life. He likes Tacos

FTRS Picks Week 6: The Ones You Don’t See Coming

Mailbag 9/28

Are you #TeamSoup #TeamStew or #TeamPie?

FTRS Picks Week 5: Finding Footing

Mailbag 9/21

Would you trade Haynes King if it means Tech could have an average defense?

FTRS Picks Week 4: The “Prove It” Week

FTRS Picks Week 3: Rough Seas Ahead

FTRS Picks Week 2: Things Get Real

FTRS Picks Week 1: GAMEDAY Incoming!

Get up and lets watch our boys play

FTRS Picks Week 0: Aww Shoot, Here We Go Again

It’s that time people

Mailbag 6/29

If college sports did "campus connect" jerseys ala the MLB’s "city connect" jerseys, which campuses would have the best ones and what would you like to see on Tech’s version?