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Logan is a GT graduate from 2013 in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating he had done nothing with his life. He likes Tacos

FTRS Picks: Championship

One last game to decide everything

FTRS Picks: Bowl Season Part 2

Get your costumes out for gameday!

FTRS Picks: Bowl Season Part 1

A postseason we actually get to enjoy

FTRS Picks: Army v Navy

No GT, but plenty of fun games

Georgia Tech Football: Bowl Predictions

Georgia Tech is going bowling! But where?

FTRS Picks: Championship Week

No GT, but plenty of fun games

FTRS Picks Week 13: Hate Week


FTRS Picks Week 12: To Bowl Or Not To Bowl

I’m not a fan of bowling, but I’d really like for GT to go bowling this year.

FTRS Picks Week 11: Feels Good

I never thought I would be this excited for winning 2 games in a row.

Mailbag 11/2

Where we go to Hoosville