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Logan is a GT graduate from 2013 in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating he had done nothing with his life. He likes Tacos

Mailbag 12/1

With Clemson’s down year, is the ACC suddenly wide open?

FTRS Picks Week 14: Breakfast of Champions

I get to sleep in on Saturday

Grab Your Jackets Travel Blog: Thanksgiving with Family and Friends

Let’s talk about things you can do with your family

Mailbag 11/24

How are you celebrating Festivus this year?

FTRS Picks Week 12: Hate Week

See those guys over there...

Grab Your Jackets Travel Blog: South Bend

Somewhere most of us wouldn’t see if not for college football

Mailbag 11/17

What’s the best dish to bring to my family’s Thanksgiving potluck?

FTRS Picks Week 12: They’re Playing Basketball (sorta)

Not really

Basketball: Dallan Coleman’s Performance Helps Vault Jackets Over Lamar

Grab Your Jackets Travel Blog: A City of History

Boston has quite the history, but so does Atlanta