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Scions E200: Reunions and Reflections (Football news, MBB vs. BC, WBB vs. UVA/Pitt)

The all-time Scions roster assembles for the first time

Danny Karnik - GTAA

For the first time in show history, every past and present Scions of the Southland host united to celebrate the 200th canonical episode of the podcast to go through the week’s news, including some final thoughts on the football season and the defensive coordinator search from Joey Weaver. Then the week’s basketball results are covered along with the newest face to Georgia Tech Volleyball (Luanna Emiliano) before reminiscing on the origins of the podcast (49:17) and how we got to where we are now.

Hosts: Jack Purdy, Jake Grant, Akshay Easwaran

Guests: Joey Weaver, Cade Lawson, Ethan Kreager

Production: Jack Purdy

Music: ⁠⁠Georgia Tech⁠⁠ Glee Club, Georgia Tech Marching Band