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Beating #3 UNC necessitated only the third ever emergency Scions


We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to fire up the mics to capture the special moment of Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball defeating #3 North Carolina at home, the first home win against a top-3 team since 1994. Jack, Jake, and Akshay are joined by Rahul Deshpande (Editor in Chief of the Blueprint, EIC Emeritus of the Technique) who was on the court after the game in the student crowd. The boys go through the beats of the game, all of the interesting factoids, and the hopefull spillover effects that come from the win.

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Host: Jack Purdy, Jake Grant, Akshay Easwaran

Guest: Rahul Desphande

Production: Jack Purdy

Music: ⁠⁠Georgia Tech⁠⁠ Glee Club, Georgia Tech Marching Band